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Slow News Day

Yeah, kind of a slow day. I balanced my checkbook to the penny the first try! That’s less than of an accomplishment than it used to be, since Excel does all the adding and subtracting. Usually when I go wrong it’s because I forget to include a transfer of funds from one account to another or somehow copy a formula into another cell. Logging on to the Sallie Mae website was the usual headache. I mean, thanks for protecting my financial secret and private information and all, but this security checklist is just too complicated. This is the third time I’ve had to change passwords and they don’t let you use any of your PAST FIVE. The security questions they ask you always screw me up, in good part because this is actually Husband’s account and they are all related to his life experiences. Fine. How hard could it be? Pretty hard, actually, when sometimes he remembers his first car as one make and model and then later counts the car his brother had as his first car, or waffles between which job he held first.

I used to pay Sallie Mae through the bank’s bill pay website, which was great, until they turned our name over to collections because they’d been taking our payments for two accounts (I don’t know why Husband has two loans for the same education, but those were crazy loaning days!) and applying them to one and assuming that we were completely delinquent on one and paying extra principal on the other. It’s not a game I care to play again. I think I’ve got a medical bill overdue right now that’s probably in collections, but I can’t for the life of me remember where the statement is, who it’s for, or how much it is. I know it is a smaller amount than it used to be, because insurance was refusing to pay any of it (Filly’s birthdate had been entered wrong so the company was rejecting her claims from the doctor’s office.) I haven’t seen a bill in a while; maybe it’s a quarterly request. I certainly haven’t gotten a phone call from a collector yet. Maybe it’s all been taken care of! I’ll just wait. Screw my credit score. We aren’t going to be buying a new house any time soon… I’m sure I can bring it back up.

For all the leftover chicken that’s still in our refrigerator, none of it got eaten today. I’m afraid we’re going to lose an entire pound of breaded breasts and I am seriously hard-put to care. I ate the last of the bean soup for dinner (so that didn’t go to waste), and Husband had Carl’s Junior for lunch which eliminated the need for him to eat dinner at all. Fella and Filly didn’t really love the chicken so they got to eat the last of the turkey kielbasa, which they like. That’s two nights in a row that I got out of cooking, and I only had to put out one of those nights. I am definitely getting the better end of this bargain.

I watched an episode and a half of Project Runway: Season 5. The only season I’ve seen was season 3 (I think–with Tattoo Neck and Pregnant Redhead and Michael and Miami Miss) and I loved it! I tuned into season 4, but the Tim Gunn podcast was gone and the Bravo website is too buggy to tolerate and I can’t handle reading the blog. That podcast made the show amazing, and I just don’t know enough about fabric and design and dressing myself appropriately, much less stylishly. Without someone telling me what to look for and analyzing the designs, it’s just another reality show about stress and gossip. Some of my friends at the Northern Attack website are watching it; if they end up discussing it in detail I might keep up. It is a reality show that creates real items, at least. My sister in law–who is an actual seamstress and who actually designs clothes and who has a store idea that I’ll actually plug if she actually gets started–was watching it and I’d talk about it with her, but she doesn’t get cable anymore and has a slow internet connection, which means that she can’t even access the program from the gray markets of cyberspace. So that’s that. I did love that skirt/blouse combo inspired by the tree planter grate, with the scalloped layers. A lot more than the blue/fuscia dress that one, but again… I have no sense of style.

The book Vellum is getting better.

I didn’t fold any of the laundry today. I was going to fold it while watching Pride & Prejudice but I didn’t. I did wash my hair and shave my legs, though. And I took a ten-minute video of Filly running around the dining room, making herself dizzy and throwing her snuggle bear to and fro before sitting down to read a book to it. We went to Grandma’s house for lunch and played with some Grandma toys and then went next door to visit the new baby and then watched Teletubbies on demand. It was the one where they’re all trying to eat Tubby Custard, but when Po works the machine she can’t get it to turn off, and it floods the Teletubby Superdome with Tubby Custard, forcing them all onto elevated surfaces until Po just pulls the plug on the machine and the NuuNuu comes and slurps it all up. That pretty much took us all the way to Time for Tubby Bye-Bye. We all needed a nap after that.

I also watered the tomato plants, which I have mentally disconnected from. There are quite a few green ones half-grown on my vines, but no more yellow flowers. One got pretty big, but it’s not turning red. In fact, there are two scary spots that look like they might be squishy and rotten if I touch them, so I won’t. I’d transplanted the mint into a bigger container and killed one of the plants, but it seems to be bouncing back and it’s an invasive species, so I am sure the thrivinger plant can pick up the slack. I am letting the basil flower because it is in the same container as the tomato plants and I have mentally moved on to next year when I can try it all again, but this time with fewer plants in one container and more fertilizer.

I scheduled a vet appointment for two cats without arranging for childcare. I am honestly not sure that I can get all the small mammals into the building. I asked my friend to come with us but she has to wait for the phone guy (she just moved). She said it was no big deal to reschedule but I would feel bad if she did, yet happy. Because if she comes, we’re going to Los Primos Taco Shop for lunch! I’ll get the rolled tacos and not worry about it, because I weigh myself in the morning and have a whole week to deal with the salt and the fat and the guilt.

No, there won’t be guilt. I am dieting very successfully. Here I am, after all, at the end of the week with six extra flex points that I am not even going to try to eat. I was going to drink them away, but red wine just isn’t going to suit my mood and I’m too thirsty for a beer. Maybe I’ll just try water. I do like water.

I do like rolled tacos. And just because it’s been a slow news day doesn’t mean I can’t say a million things about it.