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Decisions, Decisions

My life isn’t all naps and Diet Coke. Here are some decisions I made today.

7 Things I Decided to Do
1. Get up early and take the trolley to go cheer on runners at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. First of all, what a beautiful day. Second of all, watching the runners was very inspiring, even if I never did manage to see my first cousin once removed go by. (Yes, I know how to calculate cousins and removedness, and that’s our actual relationship.) And better still was riding the train a little further west to Old Town for breakfast with all the runners who had participated in the relay half-marathon and were riding on to the finish line to meet their racing partners. Everyone was in such a good mood! Plus the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all, and the handmade corn tortillas at Old Town Mexican Cafe were as delectable as I wanted them to be, even if the salsa there is a little frothy. Tasty, but frothy. It’s not something you see every day. Nor are giant bowls of menudo, but the icky parts were floating below the surface of the soup, so I could pretend everyone was just eating tomato soup.

Not Tomato Soup

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