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The Just-So Story of “Property Rights” and Anarcho-Capitalism

Now, I’m no philosopher, or political scientist, or student of history, or social activist, or self-editer, but I know how to type, and I have some free time, and Wikipedia is available, and I have some things on my mind that I need to express, and no one but my thirty daily readers (two regular!) to listen to my 1200-word glurge against Certain Political Theories put forth by Certain People in general, and triggered tonight by a report on what a Certain AM Talk Show Host said in particular, most of which I have already forgotten.

We get into these heated conversations, these Certain People and I, because They have chosen Anarcho-Capitalism as the Morally Correct Way to Live, and it creeps into conversations that are unrelated to politics, and then I get mad. I have many, many beefs with anarcho-capitalism, and I am not at all convinced it is a morally correct way to live, and it might even be silly, and it’s certainly never going to be a system that ever gets implemented in a society of any considerable size, and to get all hot and bothered about it not existing is a waste of time, but I’m unprincipled like that. Also, it’s boring and unimaginative, and that’s really beside the point. And I started to type out a paraphrased transcript of the dinner conversation, but that was also boring, and it ended up being mostly about “Property Rights.”

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Like a Moth to a Flame

So the duh-rama continues between Freedomain Radio and Liberating Minds and I cannot take my eyes off it. I hope this candle that holds so much of my easily gained attention flickers out. Sonia Mansour-Robaey, a woman who had read the article in the Guardian newspaper, joined the Freedomain Radio forum in order to publicly announce that she disagreed with what Stefan Molyneux was doing. She made some statements regarding the psychological process that young adults undergo during the transition from childhood to adulthood, and criticized the way Molyneux was handling it. The wagons circled around him. She held her ground and made some pretty good points, but was pretty quickly permanently banned from posting. People criticized her for a while, but it has more or less died out. My favorite part was when they haughtily asked her what doctorate she holds, suggesting she lacked the authority to comment on the issues she identified.

Turns out our Sonia Mansour-Robaey has two doctorates! One in philosophy (ch-ching!) and one in neuroscience, and is teaching a university course on the development of the self or something (I just read it, and then paraphrased it, and then forgot it in my effort to find her blog and link to it, and then laziness keeps me from double-checking this fact). She posts a copy of the banning letter she got from Freedomain Radio in the blog entry, and there are a few comments, including a message from the mother who was interviewed in the Guardian article, but not a lot of salacious details or recriminating rhetoric. (Nor should there be, because she is a grownup and a professional.)

What was sort of disgusting at Freedomain Radio was that once SMR revealed herself as an actual expert of sorts, they found other things to pick on her for. They mocked her for spelling and punctuation errors, and then they did some calculations on her age and dismissed her as probably a mother. That’s just about the worst thing you can be, apparently. Needless to say, it ended the conversation about her. But not the duh-rama…

She surfaced at the Liberating Minds website, a place quite a few people have turned up at after being banned. (It seems that quite a few people are banned for turning up there too, but that’s just the circle of life.) We’re not talking banned her user account was deleted–we’re talking banned her IP address has been blocked and she can no longer view the discussion board at all. (I don’t know if she can access the rest of the site.) She announces it in a thread on the Liberating Minds website forum, and links directly to her blog there as well. I don’t think she’ll probably participate much more there (grown-up, professional, yadda yadda), but I would still like to raise my glass to her!

So, Dr. Dr. Sonia Mansour-Robaey,

…this early morning DC fix is for you!

The women of Jezebel have moved on to other topics. The comments totaled to 50 but the article about the Guardian article no longer appears on the first page. You have to search for it.

Regarding the question of banning. I tuned into this program because I was happy to see someone criticize a website that I had already decided was full of itself, and for the worst reasons. So I am biased against Freedomain Radio, and it was frankly a delight to find Liberating Minds. (Thanks, Freedomain members for linking to that site in several places.) Liberating Minds is the underdog, and who doesn’t like an underdog? It’s funny to me that the banning of people from Freedomain radio is so openly acknowledged as a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I have looked up some of these hostile and aggressive people, and they just don’t seem that aggressive. And since the word “chilling” has been bandied about a lot on both sites, I’ll use it now. It is chilling that people who visit both websites are being banned from Freedomain Radio. It was chilling enough that, if the posters at Liberating Minds are telling the truth, people who participated in both communities were being banned, but all you supposedly have to do to get banned now is go to Liberating Minds and click through one of the links to Freedomain Radio and your IP address is put on some list. I guess it would be a computer function that takes care of it; I doubt there’s a spiral-bound pocket notepad lurking around with names written in black ink.

It’s all so noir. I can see the appeal, sometimes, of notoriety. I would be thrilled if people were getting banned from clicking through my site to another! Then pissed. Then distracted by a kitty.

12:33 PM UPDATE: Infighting!

A Freedomain Radio member has had enough of the banning.

The pat answer of gee, well, I wish you’d brought that up during the Sunday call-in show but you didn’t call in and opportunity lost is sort of ignoring the fact that the topic of the call-in show was to respond to the publication of the article in the newspaper, not to address problems on the board. Perhaps the next Sunday call-in show can address trolls and bans, and thirdear can call in if he promises to use polite language.

It still doesn’t answer the question of where eye2i2 is, though. You wonder if when eye2i2 and thirdear get together if there will be some kind of cataclysm of Gatekeeper/Keymaster proportions.