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Feminist Friday–Creepy Behavior Is Creepy

Yes, I’m Going Rogue. The Transatlantic Blonde is on vacation, and without a deadline I got behind. True, it’s Sunday, but “Feminist Sunday” lacks a certain panache.  Besides, I didn’t really have a post topic specific enough to write about until basically today, and I was tired of glurging all over the computer. And then a few things that have been brewing in the skepticism movement about sexism and feminism bubbled to a pitch heated enough for me to actually sign in and comment on the Pharyngula blog and so I realized I did have some simple points to make about men and women and behavior in general.

Can't Help Being Creepy

At the end of this post is the wordy explanation for what convoluted path through the Internet inspired me to write today. Long story short, I am interested today in the simultaneous denial and justification of creepy behavior of men towards women, which is a topic I feel lends itself towards a numbered list.

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The Just-So Story of “Property Rights” and Anarcho-Capitalism

Now, I’m no philosopher, or political scientist, or student of history, or social activist, or self-editer, but I know how to type, and I have some free time, and Wikipedia is available, and I have some things on my mind that I need to express, and no one but my thirty daily readers (two regular!) to listen to my 1200-word glurge against Certain Political Theories put forth by Certain People in general, and triggered tonight by a report on what a Certain AM Talk Show Host said in particular, most of which I have already forgotten.

We get into these heated conversations, these Certain People and I, because They have chosen Anarcho-Capitalism as the Morally Correct Way to Live, and it creeps into conversations that are unrelated to politics, and then I get mad. I have many, many beefs with anarcho-capitalism, and I am not at all convinced it is a morally correct way to live, and it might even be silly, and it’s certainly never going to be a system that ever gets implemented in a society of any considerable size, and to get all hot and bothered about it not existing is a waste of time, but I’m unprincipled like that. Also, it’s boring and unimaginative, and that’s really beside the point. And I started to type out a paraphrased transcript of the dinner conversation, but that was also boring, and it ended up being mostly about “Property Rights.”

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Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

For the past few days, I’ve been meaning to get out of this slump I’ve been in for a good year or more and write up something to post on the blog that wasn’t a book review (still reading The Plague). I never got around to it. I am still not doing it, but at least I am proffering an explanation. And you can also comfort yourself with the knowledge that, if the multiverse theory put forward by Brian Greene and the writers of Fringe is to be believed, my alternate self has written a very funny, insightful, pertinent blog post that tapped into some vague discomfort you had with the world you couldn’t quite put your finger on but totally explained everything so you can see perfectly clearly now.

It’s possible that I have misrepresented the multiverse as put forward by Dr. Greene. A schooling on the subject would be a good use of the comments section. Have at it. Oh! And it’s also true that I haven’t seen more than the first season of Fringe, either, and could be wrong on that account as well. But I’m already on the waitlist for Season 2 at the library.

Things I Thought about Blogging about and the Reasons I Decided against Them:

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