Decisions, Decisions

My life isn’t all naps and Diet Coke. Here are some decisions I made today.

7 Things I Decided to Do
1. Get up early and take the trolley to go cheer on runners at the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon. First of all, what a beautiful day. Second of all, watching the runners was very inspiring, even if I never did manage to see my first cousin once removed go by. (Yes, I know how to calculate cousins and removedness, and that’s our actual relationship.) And better still was riding the train a little further west to Old Town for breakfast with all the runners who had participated in the relay half-marathon and were riding on to the finish line to meet their racing partners. Everyone was in such a good mood! Plus the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all, and the handmade corn tortillas at Old Town Mexican Cafe were as delectable as I wanted them to be, even if the salsa there is a little frothy. Tasty, but frothy. It’s not something you see every day. Nor are giant bowls of menudo, but the icky parts were floating below the surface of the soup, so I could pretend everyone was just eating tomato soup.

Not Tomato Soup

A bit of wandering here and there through the gardens and some of the museums on our way back to the trolley capped off the morning, and we were home by eleven. It’s a real novelty to have done all that by eleven. Our hike last week to the Mission Trails Dam didn’t even start until 11:30.

Happy, happy day.

2. I decided today to call out Husband on his use of sexist language in front of our daughter. We were joking about sponsoring a Classical Music Marathon, and he mentioned a bandstand with Yo-Yo Ma and one with that “hot Asian chick that plays violin.” He was holding Miss Filly at the the time. I almost didn’t say anything, but then I asked him not to link attractiveness and competency (those were words I thought would be minimally incendiary) when he’s discussing women around his daughter. He said, “Well, that’s just part of the culture.” I told him it wasn’t a great part of the culture. He said, “Well, I can recognize her but I don’t remember her name.” I pointed out that the first thing he used to describe her was her hotness, and that even if he didn’t know her name he could have still started with “violinist.” He said that people just talk like that, and I said it would be nice if at least in our home Filly wouldn’t have to worry about being capable AND pretty to get people to notice her accomplishments. He was sort of noncommittal about it and Miss Filly, who is four, was sort of spaced out on his shoulder with her bear and her thumb. I don’t know how much sank into either head, but later today–long after the grocery shopping and the golf practicing and the naps–he was joking about something I can’t even remember, but he was joking about sexist language while using the word “sexism,” so I like to think his brain is mulling it over.

(It’s not really relevant, but I think he was talking about Midori. Regardless, I’m not sure a Classical Music Marathon is that good of an idea.)

3. I did decide to go to Costco all by myself, which was a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it’s nice to be by myself and it’s a lot easier to push the cart around, but on the other hand when you don’t have kids they just draw a vertical line on your receipt when you check out instead of drawing a puppy. I only tasted one sample–the Philadelphia Cheese Steak, which was good but I didn’t buy it–and I bought almost exclusively fresh food, with some yogurt and bread thrown in. Oh, and a special-order cake with a rainbow on it. Chocolate cake and mousse filling, but white frosting. It’s still in the car. I’m schlepping it to the preschool tomorrow and it wasn’t going to go in the refrigerator, and it was after four when I got home and I parked in the garage, so I don’t think it’s any worse off. But the whole point of this story is that I decided while I was there to get the kids silly presents for their last day of school. Miss Filly’s last day of school is tomorrow, so I got her one of those ridiculous, brightly colored tutu skirt things that are all the rage. This is made out of green and blue scalloped pieces of tulle and comes with matching shorts in a green fabric. It’s vaguely ocean-y and she’ll get to wear it tomorrow. That means I have to get something comparable for Mr. Fella, which probably means Legos or squirt guns. Hopefully I can find some squirt guns. I’d probably pick the wrong Legos.

4. I changed into my comfy pants around 5:00 PM. I was really, really happy. I’m in a weird place with jeans right now. The pair I had was sagging so I bought the next size down, which are a little too tight for looks or comfort. They were a little less a little too tight earlier last week but there was also alcohol, and it’ll take a few days for me to metabolize all of that off my outsides. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem and I’d just shave my legs and wear cotton skirts, but all my shirts are dirty that go with the cotton skirts. Generally my clothes are a huge disgrace no matter what. I have gift cards but who has time to shop? You need to be alone to get anything done, I don’t care what people say.

5. I ate a Twix mini that had been partially melted inside a pinata at a park birthday party yesterday but resolidified overnight. It wouldn’t’ve eaten it (you can do a double-contraction like that, can’t you?) but Miss Filly insisted. It was that or the Almond Joy mini, and I really don’t like Almond Joy. I actually do like a Twix, so it wasn’t some great sacrifice or anything.

6. I watched way more of Jungle 2 Jungle on CartoonNetwork than I wanted to, just to try to figure out if the bleached blond documentary filmmaker in the show was a second character played by Martin Short or if I could reasonably pretend it was James Marsters in an uncredited appearance that IMDb never found out about. The movie was on the TV when I came home from Costco, and the couch looked so inviting, and then I kept seeing that guy in quick profiles and it was all very confusing, so I had to sit there and sit there until I figured it out, which was many minutes after Husband and Fella had gone off to the driving range and Filly had fallen asleep. I never saw JoBeth Williams on screen, either, which was sort of sad.

Dominic Keating

But, seriously… was it so crazy to think it was Martin or Marsters, even if the ages were completely wrong?

Martin Short

James Marsters

7. I carefully considered the options for the next book club meeting in July and I voted for Ali & Nino by Kurban Said. Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris (one of the True Blood books was my second choice, and I already have it thanks to my generous book benefactor. The third one is The Distant Land of My Father by Bo Caldwell. I’ve already reserved the single copy of Ali from the library just in case it wins. I’ll probably read it regardless.

3 I Decided Not to Do
1. I sat with my cart at Costco with a giant special order cake in the basket handling the Kirkland brand bottle of pre-mixed margaritas. It was only $10.99, and it is the beginning of summer, and it is a beverage I like, and I still decided against putting it in my cart. There are many reasons for that (see item #4: The Comfy Pants above, for starters), but one of them is that I have a nearly full bottle of pretty good tequila in the house and I really ought to know how to mix my own for as often as I buy them at restaurants. And it’s not like they aren’t going to manufacture it anymore. It’s there if I need it. If nothing else, I can serve it to the parents at Fella’s summer birthday pool party that he just told me he wanted, with the Lego cake. How do you make a Lego cake, you ask? Do I have a Betty Crocker Kitchens video for you!

Take it away, Liv Hansen! (Note the longer hairstyle.)

2. I have not picked up the kitchen. There most recent problem is the non-perishable groceries that I didn’t put away yet, but they are over the pile of baking things that have been rinsed but not handwashed, and the inevitable papers that litter every surface on the counters and the table. It’s been driving me bonkers for days, but I haven’t been able to drag myself up there. I’ll probably tackle it tonight. There are some things I could watch on the computer to keep me company.

3. I have not faced the laundry. There are piles of dirty clothes between the staircase and the laundry room that we’ve been literally stepping on for days. There are piles of clean clothes all over the bedroom that we’ve been pawing through for clean things instead of folding them up and putting them away. This got out of control last week when there were a few nights of vomit and the bedding piled up and made it look worse than it was, for a while. Then the self-fulfilling prophecies took over. I’ll probably tackle it before the kitchen, unless I totally crash. But if it were even just sorted I’d feel better. And maybe I’ll drag all the clean clothes into the living room to fold because of all the surfaces to pile things on. The sad thing is that it’s the one truly clean and peaceful room in the house and I’ve really enjoyed sitting in it. Even if the sliding glass doors are dusty beyond belief. But who looks outside? There are neighbors out there!

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