Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing

For the past few days, I’ve been meaning to get out of this slump I’ve been in for a good year or more and write up something to post on the blog that wasn’t a book review (still reading The Plague). I never got around to it. I am still not doing it, but at least I am proffering an explanation. And you can also comfort yourself with the knowledge that, if the multiverse theory put forward by Brian Greene and the writers of Fringe is to be believed, my alternate self has written a very funny, insightful, pertinent blog post that tapped into some vague discomfort you had with the world you couldn’t quite put your finger on but totally explained everything so you can see perfectly clearly now.

It’s possible that I have misrepresented the multiverse as put forward by Dr. Greene. A schooling on the subject would be a good use of the comments section. Have at it. Oh! And it’s also true that I haven’t seen more than the first season of Fringe, either, and could be wrong on that account as well. But I’m already on the waitlist for Season 2 at the library.

Things I Thought about Blogging about and the Reasons I Decided against Them:

1) The dream I had that was sort of a mash-up of The Plague and Game of Thrones, with difference potentially sick people being confined on different floors of the house, but we could talk to each other because they were all open to the outside on the same wall. Cersei, or however you spell the name of Lena Headley’s character–however you spell the name of the actress–was sort of in charge, but also was part of the family. And as Eyrie-esque as the room arrangement sounds, it was all safely contained with balconies, which is sort of how my house actually is (a front balcony off a bedroom above the front patio off the living room) and sort of how the hotel was from that big scene in The Mentalist finale where they were trying to narrow it down to that one person. And the reason I am not blogging about this is because nobody is anywhere near as interested in my dreams as I am, particularly at the level of detail I can provide. Keep in mind that the paragraph above is just a summary. A SUMMARY.

2) How surprised I was to find out that PZ Myers speaks so vociferously against sexism and sexist attitudes, not just by blogging about them sometimes but by actually calling out by name commenters on his blog for behaving in sexist ways and sometimes even banning them. I was surprised to find this out because I normally heard about him as an atheist advocate, and because I don’t really read science or atheism blogs, and you just don’t encounter that much straightforward feminism on sites that are not feminist sites. I am not dedicating a blog post to it because everybody probably already knows, and I’m probably fairly ill-informed on the subject, and I don’t know enough about the community of commenters over there to say anything about them or how the attitude towards women (in the good way I just mentioned) came about, and it’s just weird to write about a person based on so little actual information.

3) Some food that I’ve cooked, which turned out to be almost no food. I used to post about recipes a lot, and I’ve made some great things in the past few months, but nothing in the past few days. There was this thing I made tonight with egg noodles and mushrooms and ham that I added three whole tablespoons of mustard to, and it grossed me out the whole time. I’m not slamming the flavor, because it definitely had a certain savoriness that I did enough, but the smell of mustard in the jar while I was measuring it and the smell of mustard on the measuring spoon while it sat in the sink until I did dishes just stank up the whole house. I am pretending I can still smell it. God, I loathe the stuff.

4) The two packages of mushrooms I bought at the Target grocery today for aforementioned recipe had one mushroom each that was all moldy. That’s kinda gross. I just threw those out and kept cooking, and I don’t know if that’s indicative of Target Grocery or that kind of mushroom (crimini?) but it’s not something I generally see in the white mushrooms I’ve bought at other for-real grocery stores. So I don’t know if I should avoid the mushrooms from Target in the future or warn people off of them or not. The Target grocery does do in a pinch if you have to be at the store anyway, and some of them do sell wine, which is nice. I haven’t gotten violently ill yet from the mushrooms, and it’s been a few hours, so it seems like the kind of thing you just pass over. A non-event to not write about at all.

5) I did shop at both the Goodwill and the Salvation Army today. For as nice a building as the Salvation Army has, it’s kind of a dump inside. The Goodwill was so superior in every way to the Salvation Army store that I was actually getting excited about going back there and shopping for myself. They had things arranged by age/sex, tops/bottom, and by color! And the selection of $6 VCRs was extensive, but I wonder if I bought a dud. It hooked up to the Sony Bravia just fine, and the sound is good, but the picture is awful. Although I bought a machine that had a lot of function buttons on the outside (none of them had remotes and I wanted to be able to use it), I can’t test it to see if it’s a tracking thing. I feel like it’s incompatible technology because sometimes you get a widescreen picture and sometimes you get the square 4:3 picture, and every minute or so it changes its mind. If it were my iPod I’d write hundreds of words about the contortions I made it go through in order to perform exactly how I wanted it to (and I have–look it up!), but I’m still in that awkward phase around digital television, and I don’t even have a DVR or digital cable and I’d probably get all the lingo wrong.

6) I still haven’t bothered to watch The Office season finale.

7) I still haven’t figured out who’s behind sending me for free with no packing slip the book A Fine Balance via’s distribution center. If it’s some elaborately staged practical joke, I don’t get it.

8) I played Bunco for the first time this past weekend, and had the fuzzy pink die when the game ended. I got five dollars just for that! But I paid ten dollars to play at all. I was a sub for this group that needed an eleventh and twelfth and it was fun. But by the 16th or 17th round you start making very stupid mistakes. It’s hard to believe you can make mistakes in a game like that, but you can. I took some score wrong, but because I wasn’t at the head table and it wasn’t a close round in the end, I don’t think it mattered. I don’t want to write about playing Bunco because I don’t want to talk about the people who were all very nice, particularly if I have to see some of them tomorrow at a highly organized play group (like with RSVPs and a minimum requirement of events you have to attend to stay on their mailing list), and if I fully articulate my experiences–which were in no way negative and certainly made for a colossally better Saturday night with better food that I would have had staying home–I won’t go in to the play group tomorrow with a positive-minded clean slate.

9) It’s possible that I might have a neighbor again after more than a year, but I don’t think I do so that’s another non-event. Someone was definitely in the place the other night because I saw him on the balcony, but couldn’t tell if it was my old neighbor (the owner) who comes by to work on the place sometimes. The thing is that I heard footsteps much later at night than I would have expected him to be there. Like at midnight, in noisy shoes.

10) I don’t feel like ranting about this disturbing practice of school pictures in the spring and fall, which feels like a new way to get people to pay money, because nobody is forcing me to buy any pictures (and we were out sick for the preschool ones today anyway) and because I don’t want to come across like some crotchety curmudgeon who is resistant to change. Also, is crotchety curmudgeon redundant?

11) For all that I’ve loved the Faulkner I have read, I have read very little of it. I certainly haven’t read Sound and Fury, but since the phrase is lifted from Shakespeare, I feel perfectly justified in using it as my allusive title. But because I can’t remember which one–only because it’s so late and I’m so tired and not because sometimes they run into each other in my brain because I read all of Shakespeare’s plays in two weeks while having a fever for a class that I ended up dropping anyway. It’s Macbeth, right? (pleasebeMacbethpleasebeMacbeth) Do you know why we had to read all of Shakespeare’s plays in two weeks? It was so we could spend the rest of the semester workshopping each other’s paper that was due at the end of the class. Worst use of time ever. Coincides with the worst trip to Tahoe ever (also during the fever), but that’s only in retrospect. I think I had a really fun time while I was stumbling through the snow. We may have even driven to Reno that Saturday night. And I didn’t even miss my plane home.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  • JS  On May 26, 2011 at 7:11 am

    I’m equally curmudgeonly about the twice-annual school pictures (although I’m a sucker for the preschool sibling shots, and we always order some). And it is Macbeth. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow you should consider reading The Sound and the Fury.

  • Mike  On May 27, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    I sent you the book, right after I told you what a great book it was. I can’t think of any reason why there wasn’t a packing slip. I wasn’t trying to be crafty.

  • Karen  On May 27, 2011 at 3:42 pm

    Well, squee!! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to read it. It was a huge mystery. For a while I had myself convinced I was the winner of a secret contest.

  • Mike  On May 28, 2011 at 8:54 am

    In a way, you kinda were!

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