I’m back.


Or not. Your mileage, as the cool kids like to acronymize on the Twitter, may vary.

I think I’ve lost my cool kids status. Watching The Mentalist basically means I had to hand in my 18 to 49 card. I’m kinda even souring on Community, and that was the cool kid status barometer to end all cool kid status barometers. Man, it was good while it lasted. Being a cool kid, that is. Community is still a wonderful show. I still really like it. I still watch it weekly! It’s just that instead of settling into this really fun and highly anticipated Thursday night watching session at my leisure, I can no longer get my act together by 8:00 PM, and because Community is followed by some generic Straight White People in Relationships show and the rest of the watching block doesn’t start til nine, I don’t pick up Community until Hulu the next day, and by then the momentum is gone. Poor Community! It pays the price for my inability to do dishes all in a row without taking Facebook Scrabble breaks. I was still quite pleased, however, to be able to make a joke about disappearing pencils and suspicions of robbers in the kindergarten classroom to the kindergarten teacher today, and I was able to make said joke without once having to refer to Annie’s Boobs while standing on the campus of a public elementary school.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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