Things I Have Learned Today

1. Under-cabinet lighting is hot enough to melt butter on the shelf above it.

2. Resolidified butter is kinda gritty and gross.

3. It is possible to get in and out of Costco in less than an hour.

4. Hostess Cupcakes are inferior to Ding Dongs.



5. Following the instructions for Comet sink cleaner drastically improves results.

6. You really do need to add the salt in the meatloaf recipe.

7. Children’s toys are sexist! Shocking, I know. (I’m looking at you, Super Readers. Action Figures versus Style and Pose Dolls? Really? Really? Come on.)

Action Figure

"Action Figure"

Style and Pose Doll

"Style and Pose Doll"

8. Online Mafia games are confusing.

9. Cats’ front nails are significantly sharper than their back nails, given the same amount of time between trimming.

10. Red currant tomatoes should not be grown upside down.

I learned all these things just today, Gentle Readers. Just today! Can you imagine?

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  • Aimee  On October 8, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    In complete and utter agreement with #4. And #7.

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