Blogging Harper’s Island (Because Someone Has To)–Episodes 12 & 13: Gasp & Sigh

I watched it. I got bored. I didn’t feel like writing about it. There was too much stabbing and the ending made no sense. I was mad that they’d changed the wedding dress, which was a terrible, terrible mistake someone should have caught, or fixed. I’m still all for the thirteen-episode summer series with a strong conclusion, so I hope my watching this show added some kind of value to the concept, but this turned out to not be a very good program, and I’m not just saying that because Chloe and Cal died or because Madison was written so, so badly or because I hated the character of Abby.

The Mystery Canuck has a very good explanation for the tremendous suckage. He knows lots and lots about mysteries and stuff, and has a good accounting of the details. I refer you to his page instead of writing my own analysis:

Harper’s Island: Craptastic Finale

I only have a few things of my own to say:

1. I told you Henry was too hung up on Abby to be marrying Trish, and that he obviously only picked Trish because she looked like Abby and that I knew it all along.

2. So Henry’s family was just summer people living on the mainland most of the time? I’d really gotten the impression he was a native of the island who worked cleaning rich people’s boats and that’s how he met Trish. Whatever.

3. I think Henry makes an absolutely unbelievable villain with absolutely no narrative support because nobody knew who the villain would be until the very end (as the Mystery Canuck said), which I think is an artifact of keeping secrets from cast members. I heard or read somewhere that no one knew who was going to die until that scene was filmed, which makes it exciting for the actors I guess, and easier for the producers to keep secrets from leaking to the public I guess, but makes for bad writing. If the text has to be so open that anyone can be the murder, then you can’t leave a trail of clues for anyone watching to figure out who might be the murderer. I hate that. The one Sue Grafton book I read had the hero/detective reveal all the ways she figured out the killer and not a single clue was available to the reader until the end. Why on earth would you watch or read something like that? It’s totally non-participatory and I’m tired of flat stories. If there’s no chance I can play along, I hate playing.

4. I was impressed with how Sully pulled through in the end! I was happy with what the actors playing Danny and Sully were able to do with how little they had, especially in their final scenes.

5. No way could Henry have faked three corpses. That just doesn’t even make sense. How could even the first level of police investigators fall for that, much less the actual forensics team? Plus the time line at the very end was all messed up. The way the cops were talking to Shea and Madison suggested that quite a bit of time had gone by, but was Abby asleep for days and days? Or was the coda at that house supposed to be happening concurrently? It made no sense.

6. And come on, Henry. You can’t keep a person prisoner in a house with windows on a hill with no grocery store for very long. He’s going to have to leave for food at some point, and she’ll just break a window and go. She doesn’t have to go very far. The island is not very big and there’s still a whole town on it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. It’s offensive, almost, how little this makes sense.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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