The Kitchen Remodel–Day 11

Today was a hamster wheel kind of day. No progress was made on the infrastructure of the kitchen, but I sure spent a lot of time there scrambling hither and thither from cardboard box to cabinet box. Everything still looks like a hideous mess, yet when I open the cupboards my old, old crap has shiny new homes. I got a little sick off the fumes from the adhesive holding the countertop in place, but only when I was futzing around inside the corner base cabinet putting the pots on the lazy susan.

Puff helped.

Puff has never been so high up in the kitchen in her life. Access to the cupboard above the broom closet is the top of the refrigerator, and Puff was never able to get to the top of the refrigerator because the adjacent counter held the microwave and the toaster oven. Well, that counter is free now! It’s what she’s always wanted, I suppose. Sadly for Puff, she lacks the opposable thumbs required to open the door, and she’ll be confined to the top of the refrigerator. Don’t feel too bad for her. She’s got a pretty good view from that angle, and she’ll hear every last word of the old person gossip in the alley that I miss.

I listened to some good podcasts today and time just flew, plus I had a nice burrito break for lunch. (The guac on the chips was a little too creamy for my taste, but I don’t think they cut it with sour cream. I think it was just too smooth.) The day was entirely devoid of drama, save for my confusion about the Rationell drawer storage system. Yeah, yeah, I saw the samples all set up at the store… yeah, yeah, I had a kitchen helper explaining drawer inserts to me… Still, I was totally confused by the deep versions and the shallow versions. I thought maybe there were different kinds depending on drawer widths, which makes no sense in theory but when you are faced with these pieces that are all the same color and almost but not quite interchangeable and you’ve got these stupid instructions drawn without words but plenty of smiling, pointing bubble people. In the end, after cursing the Rationell line’s name and vowing to come online later and write a scathing review of this product, I’m really happy with them. I ended up using an insert for the 15 inch drawer on an 18 inch drawer, so there are a few gaps at the side, but the silverware doesn’t mind, and it’s a heck of a lot better than the Rubbermaid inserts I had. Not that I’m slamming Rubbermaid–those two inserts have served me faithfully–but our flatware is sort of oversized and never really fit into that well. This is a much better solution, and I don’t have a picture of it, but I’m pretty sure even my most remote Gentle Reader knows what a fork looks like.

However, even the most sophisticated Gentle Reader may not be able to visualize how beautiful a drawer full of Tupperware knock-offs can be when the lids are so neatly stacked at the front:

The real triumph of the day, however, is the junk drawer. Once I realized that this Rationell system, properly applied, could be Teh Awesome, I discovered I had a perfect fit for the ubiquitous junk drawer. I’d gotten quite savvy about fishing through a drawer jumbled with loose razorblades, poorly capped cans of solvent, loose keys, and that little wooden statue of a tropical bird I’ve been meaning to fix in search of the small screwdriver I need to replace my laptop keyboard. But never again! I’ve organized junk drawers before, but they fall into chaos so quickly, but Rationell has made that a thing of the past!

Even if the little screwdriver wanted to roll over to see what the can of Goof Off was up to, or the pipe cleaners wanted to twine their naughty selves around the Jacuzzi key, they can’t. Rationell put the kabbash on that. No more awkward entanglements! I’m pretty happy about this junk drawer right now. I’m not saying that it’s the best part of the new kitchen, but I’m looking at that picture and I’m seeing that little screwdriver and I’m seeing all those carefully sequestered twist-ties and it’s bliss. Bliss, I say.


Also, there’s cat fur all over my drinking glasses. I hope there’s a workaround for that.

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  • orange county kitchen remodel  On August 25, 2010 at 3:50 am

    I love the kitty cat ;) Anyway you have a very nice cabinet. Mine’s all crappy now. I am thinking of getting it remodel,I mean the whole kitchen. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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