The Kitchen Remodel–Days 9 & 10

What a couple of days! I can’t even get my head around it, so much has happened. So much has happened today, in fact, that I can’t even remember what happened yesterday. Luckily, I have pictures. Let’s travel ourselves some memory lane.


You may not remember, but all those individual pieces of Adel Medium Brown came to my house securely wrapped in its own individual packaging. All of them. There was an awful lot of cardboard stacked up in my house. I managed to sucker my very tired mother into taking my children away for the day so I could just clean out the cupboards and start putting stuff back in. I had this idea that I’d clear out the dining room so I could put the table back and then have a surface for unpacking. I started with the boxes. It took all afternoon. All afternoon, people. I totally lost track of time. Next think I knew people were calling me up asking me what I was thinking of for dinner, and I hadn’t even started vacuuming yet. I’d been shoving crap down the half-flight of stairs to the living room, and then down the full flight of stairs to the garage, and then cramming it all into my car.

I would have brought it to the recycling place at the dump, but it closes at the highly inconvenient time of 4:30. Then I remembered a conversation I’d had with the cabinet installers about the bin outside of IKEA they have for people who need to unpack their purchases in order to fit them into their tiny cars. So I schlepped it back, found a great spot right in front of the bin–the completely empty bin!– and started unloading. That’s where the adorable happened.

There was a couple there buying a dining room table and a couch and trying to take it all home in some kinda small SUV/Outback contraption. They’d gotten the couch in and tied it down pretty well, and then out comes the dining room table on a trolley, already out of its box. So started a game of advanced three-dimensional Tetris. Meanwhile, I’m just schlepping and schlepping and then serendipitously I pulled a box out of my car that was the exact size and shape that they could use in their car to protect the upholstery of their couch from the sharp edges of the table. Out comes a box, in goes the box. It was like that old commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but way more interesting because I got to play the hero.

Of course, I had no robot.

So it was a lot of fun communing with this couple, but what was so cute was that when the car was packed, they were so happy that they kissed like it was their wedding day. The story I am writing about them in my head is that they are decorating purposefully the first house or apartment that they shared together, because both pieces of furniture were the same color, and thus proof of interior design.

Day 10–today–I figured I’d sucker a different grandparent into watching the kids while I actually start to clean out and then refill the cabinets. It worked! We all headed over after Super Readers ended; we made one side trip to the post office where I paid eight dollars to mail a jigsaw puzzle that cost two dollars and Filly fell asleep in the car. She went straight to bed, and Fella found some toys to play with, so I actually had adult help. We were vacuuming and patching the protective paper on the floor with my Shop Vac and some extra paper, when I get a phone call from the countertop and floor people. They want to come over and put the counters and backsplash in today. Well, hell to the yaw! Except that they hadn’t put the panel on the end of the peninsula yet, so I had to call the cabinet installers and see if that’s something they could do beneath a counter. Turns out yes. Work commenced in an hour.

The same three guys showed up to do the countertop install as the tile install, which surprised me a little. There was a tense moment when they placed all the pieces down on the too-thin roughtop and the drawers wouldn’t open, but the head guy (a Scott Baio lookalike) kept telling me that it was taken care of and it was. I couldn’t believe the size of the adhesive; it looked like shaving cream and provided enough lift for full clearance. (Just like I was told it would.) Even more amazing was watching them glue together the one seam. It practically vanished, and it’s not something that looks like it would ever be unnoticeable (or even level) when the two slabs are sitting next to each other.

The counters make the cabinets look great. And the yellow paint terrible. I think we are bringing in the dining room greener color, which is Behr Fossil Butte if you remember. And then before I could even drink another can of soda, the backsplash was up. There’s no grout, but the main wall is done. They couldn’t tile the opposite wall yet because the backsplash has to butt up against the appliance garage, which won’t be installed until probably Wednesday despite the fact that the tile people really, really, really want to do the work now.

Here’s a terrible close-up of the backsplash tile, against a very grubby yellow paint that will be cleaned up.

It’s 6 x 6 inches, and bigger than I realized they would be (even though I saw them in the store), but I like it. They are also less red than I remembered them being, which is probably a good thing. There’s mostly rust/terra cotta running through it, with a neutral that matches the countertop (“Jerusalem Sands” by Caesarstone, which has some flecks of red). We picked this all out with samples of the dining room floor, the floor tiles, the backsplash tile, the countertop, and the cabinet wood in the same room. I am currently remembering the floor tiles as grayish, but that sounds ridiculous. I can’t wait to see them again!

A very entertaining three hours later, I had a BFF on the way with beer and a kitchen that looked like a kitchen.

And then a Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust pizza and two Longboard beers later (just about another three hours), I had a kitchen that looked like this:

Yep. Things are back to normal at my house.

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