Blogging Harper’s Island (Because Someone Has To)–Episode 10: Snap

I am all caught up, obviously, on episodes and now on writing about the episodes. I loved this one! Oh, snap! I guess the “snap” in the title refers to all the hangings; being hanged is supposed to snap your neck to kill you. The two state police officers at the very beginning were too cheerful to live past the credits, so the gunshots were no surprise. I wasn’t expecting an explanation for a head spade at all, however, so having him define it for her was fantastic! (But why would anyone be decapitating whales in this ethnic group?) I’ll be looking that up later and I fully expect to find all kinds of neat-o tidbits of information about this tool.

The show is definitely better when the characters are in one place interacting with each other than when they are all spread out interacting with the environment. This was some excellent mood and suspense and tension, and the fact that they only gave the innkeeper a name and dialogue last episode so they could off her in this one didn’t wreck it.

Goodbye, Maggie! Being shoehorned into the plot was no fun, and for us even less so. Im tired of women being brought on screen (in general) just so they can be killed.

Goodbye, Maggie! Being shoehorned into the plot was no fun, and for us even less so. I'm tired of women being brought on screen (in general) just so they can be killed.

Now that that’s out of the way… Shane totally owned this episode. I first only liked him on the show because he reminded me of Dale from The Riches (played by Todd Stashwick), but now I love him because he’s blunt, he’s different, he doesn’t really deal in paranoia, and he has a real sense of loyalty. The scene with him drinking the Scotch in Jimmy’s honor was unexpectedly sentimental, and he’s pretty self-aware, at least about his relationship to the island as his home and the people who come and go from it. He is such a treat after dealing with all these whiny, selfish, physically interchangeable wedding guests. I probably like Cal and Chloe so much for the same reasons (and not just because they are blond and thus easily distinguishable). Now I will gush about this couple: Wasn’t that the most romantic thing? The proposal was amazing, Cal is adorable and totally in love with her, and I am absolutely rooting for them both to live. I don’t think we’d have Cal getting Sully to do minor surgery if Cal was going to die, but I still have to worry that the show producers are going to be pricks and kill him in the name of being shocking. I’m hoping that Sully dies after being a hero. Not hoping that he dies, but them both coming back is unlikely, and I hope that it’s Cal that lives.

I was cracking up when they both ran to the driver’s side of the car.

Cal’s scene at the clinic or wherever that treatment room is was a little too much of a cliche (I’m looking at you, Master and Commander), but he’s got a reason to live. Sully has plenty of reasons to atone. Maybe we’ll see some sort of Dickensesque ending where Sully gives his life so that Cal can live on with his true love by his side. There’s certainly been enough Sully Attention on Chloe to make that kind of sacrifice fit into the story, should there need to be a 19th Century turn of events. I’m positive they are going to make it to the sailboat. Of course they are going to make it to the sailboat! We’ve got a dashing British sailor with a wound stitched up in a hurry. It would be an absolute waste not to have him at the helm, coming around the bend at full sail at sunrise like in some kind of pirate movie. As long as we’re playing with hero figures, I’d like to see Shane covering the group from the rear as they dash to safety. Did you see the way Shane primed that shotgun with one hand? Awesome.

Madison is acting the simpleton again, with flashes of normalcy. I can see why none of the adults want to tell her that her father is dead and I can see why she figures that he’s probably dead, but putting her in ankle socks doesn’t make you believe that she is mentally at age five. Her character is poorly thought out. She was set up to be weird at the beginning, but it turned into stupid somewhere. She could be weird just fine and be a pathological liar and still disseminate all the same wrong information, but they’ve got her level-headed one minute and then needy the next and then don’t even try to say that of course a kid would be scared and want to protect her mother. She changes as the plot requires. The big reveal at the end where she only said that it was Abby’s dad as part of the game was completely unconvincing. Why would she wait so long to say that, now that she sees her mother? Only because they needed her to keep her mouth shut until Abby was as far away from the bar as possible before it was revealed. Anyway…

I knew Jimmy wouldn’t die. He had a shouted warning and a heightened sense of awareness, which was plenty of time to jump in the water. I don’t know what kind of injury he has that is keeping him that unconscious, but maybe he was drugged. I mean, if Jin-Soo Kwon can survive a boat bombing and a rip in the space-time continuum and learn English, then Jimmy surviving a marina explosion in the water with a boat shielding him from the blast is practically a given. I’m a little confused about how a walkie-talkie is all you need to make so many large cars and trucks drive themselves, but I like gadgets. I can roll with that. The great sacrifice that Abby’s dad ends up making so Abby and Jimmy can be together forever and ever was a little forced, so that’s either a cheap, unsuccessful shot at romantic or we’ve still got something to learn about her father that he thought was bad enough to make surviving less attractive. I know Abby’s all reconnecting with her high school boyfriend and all, but one breakfast with the family does not destiny indicate. I’m still not entirely sure that Abby is not Wakefield’s genetic daughter, though. The father was adamant that he was her father, as he should be, but he is the one who raised her.

Goodbye, Sheriff! Theres something still awfully spooky about you, so I cant feel that bad that you died in a fairly clean way after having the chance to make everything right with your daughter. I cant figure out why you didnt ask just Abby to cut the rope, though.

Goodbye, Sheriff! There's something still awfully spooky about you, so I can't feel that bad that you died in a fairly clean way after having the chance to make everything right with your daughter. I don't know why you didn't just ask Abby to cut the rope, though.

Now that Wakefield is alive and walking around–if that’s really Wakefield–my “Wakefield’s Son” theory is disproved. Unless… unless… Maybe Wakefield’s son IS the one who was behind it the whole time, and the first time, too, and Wakefield’s only ever been involved trying to contain him. Maybe this hypothetical son is angry at Abby’s mother for giving him away, and trying to punish Abby for having the family he didn’t get to have. Sort of like how Frankenstein’s monster gets angry at scenes of domestic bliss. I can easily see the next episode starting with a meaningful conversation between Wakefield and Abby, where he explains all the ways he’s just a misunderstood fellow and where she does some posturing but then starts to believe him. It’s only episode 11, so I can’t see how this could be Wakefield with still two more episodes to go. I don’t think a hostage situation is going to play well. I bet someone gets killed while Abby is talking to Wakefield. It would be awesome if she brought Wakefield back to the bar. Heck, by that time they’d all be so hopped up on fear and fine alcohol it might just make the party more fun.

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