The Kitchen Remodel–End of Day 3

OK, so I’ve been a little naive. We’re not done with everything except the floor, countertops, and sink. All the cabinets appear to be in place… except for the appliance garage and that one that’s going to go in the dining room alcove… and all the romex is strung for the undercabinet lighting… except there are no lights, raw wires hanging out of sockets, and certainly no switches… The corbels for the breakfast ledge have places chosen for them… although the aren’t drilled into place… the cabinet doors are prepped… but there weren’t enough hinges to hang them all… the crown moulding is cut but not hung… et cetera, et cetera

There’s not a lot left to do, but it isn’t done. I am most perplexed by the stopping of the electrical work at such a place, but because I haven’t actually paid for anything and the kitchen is nowhere near move-in ready, I don’t really care. Mostly I’m wondering if I am supposed to pay extra to the guy who comes back on Saturday to finish up some stuff, or if this is part of the contracted job. It was his idea. He’s been very nice. I don’t even know if I should call the company to ask.

Anyway… here are the end of the day pictures.

Stove View

Sink View

Corner Cabinet Detail

Breakfast Ledge

From the Dining Room

Test Driving the Broom Closet

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