The Kitchen Remodel–Day 3 Lunch Break

It’s been a pretty kickback morning, even if Fella and Filly found their way into the garage without my knowing it. It had an open door and a circular saw, and one of the builders (the one who was using the circular saw, but not while they were down there) let me know they were off their leashes. That they got banana and peanut butter all over the carpet on the stairs doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Today’s adventures were supplemented by a visit from the plumber to fix the anchor stop (angle stop?) that was causing the dishwasher leak. He was really in and out in five minutes; it took him longer to write the receipt. That has stopped the leak on the dishwasher, although Head Builder suggested that I buy a new dishwasher hose today to replace the old one. I would have, but a trip to the hardware store just didn’t work out this afternoon. The other visitor was the counter guy, who made his templates and advised on the brackets, and had the unfortunate task of telling me that IKEA grossly underestimated the square footage. At this point I’m playing with money like it’s a concept and not anything real, so I don’t really care. We need countertop. We like Caesarstone. It costs what it costs, and it’s not like we were going to change our mind or deliberately misled. So I’m sort of Zen about it. Also, I had a beer while the kids were napping and the workers had gone to lunch. It put me in a groove.

There’s about three square feet that are new because of the change in the pantry/china closet design, and then another three square feet that wasn’t accounted for above the cabinet in the dining room (it was on the diagram but the added-up-from-cabinet-size numbers didn’t match the actual measurement). So that’s maybe $420 more… plus they didn’t account for the pony wall, which is like six inches by eight feet, so that’s four square feet, plus another foot added to the end of the breakfast ledge, which is another $350… at this point I am hoping that it just comes in at under a thousand. A thousand is not so much. If I ever actually sat down to work and invoice something, that’s almost $900… what’s the expenditure of blood, sweat, and tears worth compared to MOAR COUNTERTOP?

Here is the morning in pictures.

Stove at Lunch Break

Sink at Lunch Break

Refrigerator Wall at Lunch Break

Breakfast Ledge at Lunch Break

Dining Room at Lunch Break

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  • Summer  On June 19, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    I love the cabinets!

    Beer at lunch makes EVERYTHING better. :)

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