The Kitchen Remodel–End of Day 1

Well, they pounded and hacked, and wired and air compressor nail gunned, and we even had a visit from a Chihuahua in a studded collar, and a lot of damage was done and even some progress made.  And, true to form, I couldn’t have a single thing done in my house without a neighbor telling a worker how to do his job. When the neighbor asked the worker where the owner was, he covered for me and said I was out. That’s worth three stars on Yelp alone.

Here is the day in pictures:

The Debris Fields

In the Dining Room

Out the Kitchen Window

A Close-Up that Is Almost Art

A Day’s Progress

The Stove Wall

The Sink View

Breakfast Bar, Sheared Off

The Ugly Duckling

We had this stupid huge cabinet that was once five feet across, with strange and awkward L-shaped shelves:

This thing was right at the entrance to the kitchen, and then the dumb breakfast bar jutted out opposite it, and if one of those doors was open (like if you wanted a dish to set the table with) there was no getting by. We opened and closed those doors so much that we wore out the childproofing. Anyway, I have high hopes for this cabinet, and it doesn’t include L-shaped shelves. Because we aren’t replacing the breakfast bar, we’ll have full access to the passage, and maybe–just maybe–someone would be able to scooch behind you to enter or leave the room while you had a cabinet door open. At least you’ll be able to stand there and open and close the doors yourself without sidestepping. Either way, I expect that fixing this will solve all my problems.

Cabinet, Sans Cabinet and Shelves

The electrician got the stove and overhead microwave outlets built, the romex for the under-cabinet lighting installed, and holes cut for various other outlets. He’s even fixing our busted canned light! He’ll be back tomorrow, as will I, with kids in tow (great.). With all the smashing done with, and with Tarzan on the DVD player upstairs, I don’t anticipate too many problems. Fella and Filly will even be grateful, I suspect, to take naps in their own beds.

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  • Summer  On June 17, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Oh my! This will look great when finished, but I would have been freaking out during the demolition! Can’t wait to see the “after” pics.

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