Blogging Harper’s Island (Because Someone Has To!)–Episode 8: Gurgle

Once again I am a week behind on my Harper’s Island responsibilities, but this time I have a very good excuse: Packing up the kitchen so they could demolish our tile floor yesterday and so they can rip out our cabinets tomorrow. I also had my first tomato scare–I suspected a fruit was in the early stages of blossom end rot (which I’d been warned about, been given a supplement for, but used late), and while I was inspecting it the fruit came off in my hand. I’ve lost a quite a few unfertilized blossoms this past week and the first budling I ever had was eaten by a caterpillar, but it was a blow to lose a whole Roma tomato before I’d even harvested one. Still, everything else looks pretty good, and when the fruit did come off in my hand I was able to look at it better in the light and I think that’s what was happening. I don’t know if it makes a Roma too gross to eat or not, but I am much happier looking at my plants when they are green and healthy fruit only! That’s it for the update on tomatoes. I’d have said more more often, but the fruits are just hanging out, doing nothing, maybe turning a little bit darker green. I still haven’t made any salads.

The serrano chili plant is growing in leaps and bounds, however. I can’t believe what I have came from such a puny runt! There is one chili flower bud dangling from a long stem already, and several more flower buds starting. I had to knock off a bunch of aphids today, however, which didn’t make me happy. I’m not really in the mood to go buy another pint o’ladybugs for this one pot. A while ago I read that knocking aphids off is a pretty good strategy because they have trouble finding their way back onto a leaf, and one good flick per leaf did blast them all to kingdom come. It was satisfying.

I know people on the Internet who are reviewing this show loved this episode as much as they loved the prior one, but I was sort of bored by it. I am really only going to be able to explain my reactions to this episode that I barely remember, because it slipped from my head within minutes of the closing credits. Such a shame. I guess I just had too much on my mind.

I didn’t really get my posse action that I was hoping for all week; the group got all indignant and helpful, but then petered out into uselessness, which was probably a deliberate portrayal of a bunch of useless, interchangeable characters. It put Cal into a nice relief at the very end, when he got to make his speech about the little girl, but I sort of spent the whole episode waiting for him to stand up and finally take a leadership role–and he still didn’t. The jail stuff was entertaining, and I suppose I should dig up the name of the cop and his tombstone picture and post it here, but I am just not motivated to. Watching Madison’s relatives wander all around calling her name was, well, boring. Them finding Beermongerer’s skull in the furnace was pretty exciting, if only because Cal got to reassure the mother or aunt or whoever it was that the skull was not that of a child (hinting that Cal would be leaderly just for a minute). Finding Madison’s dad tied up to that tree was definitely the high point of the episode. What would you do, really? It was good to hear before then that no one really believed the dad would kidnap the daughter in some sort of divorce/custody move, partly because it made the characters seem like real people when they were having that conversation.

Abby, Katherine, and Henry stumbling on the corpse while knee-deep in water was a very good scene. The phone call, the dead reception, the calm shock, the height of the body… that was a good setting for viewer tension and character mettle-proving. The business with the boat/boats/dingy? Not so much. I’m sort of confused–probably for looking away at the wrong moments–about how JD ended up being shot in the first place. Eh. It was dark. I was doing dishes. Details eluded me.

Goodbye, JD! Everyone was mean to you, but at least youre off the hook for those murders now.

Goodbye, JD! Everyone was mean to you, but at least you're off the hook for those murders now.

Of course, Henry showing up with the bloody hands was a huge cliffhanger that really made me want to get around to viewing the next episode. I sort of just now had a little flash of insight maybe–“Dunn” like “Whodunnit”? Is the show playing with names like that? So far I haven’t seen any evidence of symbolism, puns, or clues.

The people online who really liked this episode were also playing the “Who Could It Be?” game, and that might explain why it seemed so popular when I was looking around. It was a very good episode for moving a lot of people around the island in different configurations, and thus sets up the logic puzzle of who could possibly be the killer. I think people have figured that Cal’s had enough free, unobserved time to kill all those victims, and that could maybe explain why he’s being classed as a doofus by the other characters on the show. No one suspects the doofus, yet everyone suspects the foreigner. I don’t know what I think of this theory, because it lessens my hope that Cal will stand up and take charge of a situation and earn himself the respect of everyone, which would be cheering, but I guess he could stand up and take charge and shoot some people, too. It would explain why he didn’t want to leave the island. I’m pretty sure you don’t see blood on Henry’s hands at the end of one episode and have him revealed as the killer the next. My money–for what it’s worth, which is nothing, because my predictions are always wrong, in every show–is on Abby’s dad, the sheriff. It’s because of the John Wakefield Dating Abby’s Mother reveal that puts a little OJ motivation into it.

I also predict that we’ll get some reunion between Trish and Henry. Or did that happen in this episode? Anyway, I’m guessing that the title “Gurgle” has to do with J.D.’s final attempts to communicate. These aren’t great titles, or else I am being literal to a fault. Whatever.

Episode, I’m just not that into you.

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