Spinning My Wheels

There is so much going on, yet so little to be proud of. Here are some wheels I am spinning:

1. Proverbial Wheels. I have a work project that I am probably just two hours away from finishing, but my biggest problems are always the first and last ten percents of any project. Besides, I can’t really work with people around me, and Filly is awake. It would be one thing if I could zombie her out in front of the television set, but she’s watching a very distracting movie: Animusic. Specifically, she’s totally into a single track of the thing, and because she had a very high fever last night and was kept home from a birthday party this morning, it seems only fair to indulge her, so I keep getting up out of my chair to restart the video every four and a half minutes. I would even then get tired of it, but she’s singing along and naming the instruments and talking to them as they appear. So you can experience a little but of what I am experiencing, I am thoughtfully sharing the video with you:

Getting up every four and a half minutes isn’t as bad as it sounds, because the DVD player is on a shelf above the TV that I can reach from our dining room half-wall, which is next to the table I am sitting at. I just have to lean over and touch the button when I hear the menu screen come on.

2. Disc Drives. I have been trying for a couple of days now to make a backup copy to my hard drive of a damaged Pixar Cars DVD. I’ve been checking out versions from the library in pursuit of the elusive file VTS_10_1.VOB. I don’t know what it is about that file–it’s got the stuff from where Lightning McQueen has a tire blowout in the first race and jumps to the beginning of the road trip, with maybe every fifth frame and the sound all out of synch. It must be where the file lies on the disc; maybe 2/5 in from the center is a high-collision area. If any of you out there have the CD, I would love an email with the file attached. Just the one. It’s a big one, but not excessively so, I don’t think. The DVD would spin in one drive and the hard drive would spin to keep up with it. There was a lot going on.

3. Stroller Wheels. We took a walk today to the local taco shop for efficiency’s sake. Fella and Filly wanted a walk, but they also wanted a snack. It seemed like the most expedient solution. Also, it’s downhill coming home and we pass the local self-serve yogurt shoppe, which is run by a local family. It’s a Greenie’s wet dream, to put it crudely, as well as an excellent source of Sno-Caps. Husband and I are trying to calculate if there is enough hot fudge sauce within county lines to fill the place. I think yes; he thinks no. What we need are the measurements of the shoppe to calculate volume, and the average number of hot fudge containers that a yogurt shoppe keeps in stock. Plus there are all those grocery stores with their ten ounce jars of the stuff on the shelf… it ought to be possible to get reasonable estimates and determine the answer. If I’d had my purse with me I’d have had my measuring tape–yes, I keep a measuring tape in my purse, especially since all the kitchen measuring has been going on–and we’d already have the store volume.

4. John Adams DVD. I’m on Part 4, which ought to start after the war ends. Don’t tell me anything! I don’t want to know what happens. That’s another disc spinning, of course, but it will be accompanied by wine which, if the mood is right, will set the room spinning. It’s a South American red wine, a Malbec from Vinas de Vila in Argentina. The 2005 is very well regarded; we have a 2008. I’ll keep you posted.

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