Blogging Harper’s Island (Because Someone Has To)–Episode 5: Thwack!

To mix things up a bit today, I am launching right into the Harper’s Island stuff. I have no tomato reports and the flu bores me now, especially since I am all better and the people I made sick are recovered or diagnosed with different diseases.

As usual, I will spoil the entire episode, but nothing further. I haven’t seen any promos and I’m not reading articles about the show elsewhere.

I probably shouldn’t have laughed out loud at the end of this episode, but I did. I also engaged in a few moments of maybe Abby’s Dad Did It, and many more than a few moments of Abby Needs to Get Over It Already. I know her mother died, but her dad lost a wife and his family lost a member, and him getting obsessive wasn’t exactly harmful to her, although perhaps it prevented her from coping with her own grief. I understand why she would flee to another state and why she’d have trouble coming home for seven years without an external reason, but we’re either not getting the full story about something icky that her father did to her that Jimmy (Old Flame) alluded to, or she’s a drama queen, or the writers are sloppy, or all three. I so enjoyed watching Abby and her father sit down to breakfast, and the happiness she experienced wandering through her old house. I presume that was her mother’s armchair in the living room, and a quilt made by her mother at the foot of the bed. That was a normal scene with a normal person reacting like a human being. I think the show needs more of those.

Watching Madison and JD play around was nice, too. He appreciated, I think, being approached as just another person by a girl who really just wanted to find a companion. And here was a loner, all dressed up already as a child! Perfect! The fireworks were the sort of prank that anyone else would have gotten off the hook for, especially if it had been one of the buddies. JD just travels with everyone else’s baggage, and they sort of resent him for it. I think it shows a lot that he went to the wedding at all, even if he didn’t want to be in it (a decision he clearly regretted for a minute). It’s a real shame that Henry made all his assumptions known (ie, raccoon) without asking JD first, and that was unnecessarily prickish. JD is a creep and has maybe done creepy things, but it’s weird to me that people have no compunctions about assuming he would torture animals. I don’t think the deer head and the raccoon are his handiwork. I can’t remember if any specific details have already been provided that would shoot my theory about JD to hell, but the only rumors I can come up with are that he might have attempted suicide and that he took his parents’ deaths hard. I did miss a lot of information that day I was watching the show while outside potting plants. But it really does seem like the kind of plot-necessary miscommunication that throws the suspicious minded off the track of the real villain by distracting him with trifles. Not that anyone is worried about the raccoon anymore, though–the cleaving of Dad’s skull bumped that off the List of Things to Worry About.

Goodbye, Thomas! You could kill a German Shepard with a broken beer bottle, but you couldn't see the chandelier coming! Of course, nobody could.

Goodbye, Thomas! You could kill a German Shepard with a broken beer bottle, but you couldn't see the chandelier coming! Of course, nobody could.

Poor Thomas Wellington! It was pretty despicable to try to break up his daughter’s wedding by inviting the ex to woo her, and it was equally despicable to woo him with a fat paycheck, too. It was a shame that he had to open the tired argument about Henry, but I don’t know that I would trust him (as a dad) based on his having a best girlfriend. It is suspicious from the outside, especially considering how much Abby looks like Trish. Henry clearly has a type. It’s an iffy situation, although I’m sure that’s not what the show creators are hinting at. I do think it was completely obnoxious, however, for Trish to throw the real affair between Katherine and Richard in his face, and it makes me like her a lot less. That was so not in the same league as Dad’s vague misgivings, and it makes her look like a brat. Nothing like a tree-colored battering ram knocking you off your bicycles to clear the air, however, and I thought Dad did a great job playing the action hero in the woods. I was apprehensive about the pickup truck canopy they climbed into to get away from the dog, but it turned out OK. Why he didn’t have his cell phone I don’t know. That seemed very out of character.

So I’m sorry for thinking a few weeks ago that the Reverend was some kind of innkeeper. Anyway, it’s about time they found a body. I liked the fishing the body out of the water scene a lot, especially how it was cut with the wedding rehearsal scenes. It was cheesy and dramatic and just what summer series TV should be. And I really shouldn’t have laughed aloud at the chandelier thing, but that was some good imagery, especially since the whole wedding vows thing instructs people not to set asunder what God is putting together, and the whole business about brides leaving fathers to cleave unto husbands. Cleave! Asunder! It’s like they were making fun of the traditional wedding verses! I found all of that very cleaver. I mean, clever. I mean, really. Even if you’ve seen Phantom of the Opera, you probably didn’t see expect the butcher knife blade attached to the bottom of the chandelier.

As for Beermonger and Joel’s body… that’s just too bad. It was a very neatly dug hastily dug grave, but going back to the scene of the crime is asking for trouble. His I’m Sorry Speech was probably quite heartfelt, but I don’t really believe that he would have gone out there to make it in person. Seems more like the kind of thing you’d say to a photograph of the two of you or some other personal artifact that would be easily seen and immediately encountered upon returning to the hotel room shared by both of you.

Final Musings:
So who turned on the shower?
So who are all the friends that Madison referred to in her conversation with JD?
Will Trish take out her grief about her father on Katherine?
Will Trish and Henry go through with the ceremony?
Is the German Shepard actually dead?

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  • Darren Lewis  On May 13, 2009 at 6:25 am

    just watched the latest episode…..
    cant wait for ep 6 this show has me hooked
    great story with likeable and un likeable people

    best line so far has to be from C.J. Thomason aka jimmy saying is it because ive got crabs… in episode 4 in the bar………

  • Joe  On May 13, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    Who was the guy who found the German Shepherd? Could it be that Wakefield was not really killed and that could be him?

  • Karen  On May 13, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    I think I missed something. The only person I saw with the German Shepard was the guy who sicced the dog on Trish and her dad. Did the dog appear elsewhere? Did I look away at the wrong minute?

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