The Swine Flu (Potential) Pandemic of Aught-Nine: Day 5

A non-American toddler has died of the swine flu within the borders of the United States. It still doesn’t break my confidence that this pandemic thing will leave me untouched (despite my desire to participate at at least the false-positive level), but it’s very sad. It’s sad to see that the CDC has added a Fatalities column, especially for a little kid. It’s almost worse that there’s just the one in it. All those empty rows in that column sit there, waiting to be filled.

The CDC Update on US Cases of Swine Flu A (H1N1):
April 29, 2009, 11:00 AM EDT
Arizona: 1 person
California: 14 people
Indiana: 1 person
Kansas: 2 people
Massachusetts: 2 people
Michigan: 2 people
Nevada: 1 person
New York City: 51 people
Ohio: 1 person
Texas: 16 people, 1 death

The good news is that my symptoms have lessened. I still have a stiff neck, but my headache is gone. Fella says, when asked, that his balance is good, and Filly just complains of hunger, but I boiled her an egg and that seemed to satisfy. Life resumes its normal pace, which will include a trip to the library again to pick up the books that weren’t ready yesterday (before they close the libraries), a visit from a garage door guy to cut holes for and install vents in the new door, a visit from a kitchen installer guy who will probably tell me that my kitchen is too big for his $5000 installed deal, and a trip to a cabinet maker’s showroom. The floor/countertop dilemma persists. Maybe I’ve been too harsh on the bamboo floors. It would be nice to have the same flooring all on the same level, and as I explained to ExPhylo, my LiMi friend who expressed interested, the chances of heavy silverware being dropped to the floor in the kitchen are much less than the chances of it being dropped in the dining room, where a ring of dents surrounds Fella’s chair. Bamboo is very soft. But, you know, what if the dishwasher or water-dispensing refrigerator craps out? I can handle walking in on some water game and mopping up that mess, but I’d hate to come home to a floor that had sprouted after a dishwasher flood while we were on a two-week Hawaiian vacation. Choosing is so difficult! I guess I’ll fall in love with some surface–be it tile or linoleum or something else–and let that be my guide for the floor. Price will probably direct me for counters. Now that I know there wouldn’t be a seam because of how we’re doing the stove instead of a cooktop, I suppose I am interested in laminate/formica all over again. Maybe if it had metal edges, unless that would look too much like a diner. Plus it doesn’t solve the where’s-the-goddamned-trivet-I-have-a-very-hot-pan-in-my-hands problem; I have a lot of hot pans, and trivets don’t stay put in this house.

Wish me luck!

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