The Swine Flu (Potential) Pandemic of Aught-Nine: Day 3.5–Psycho, Meet Somatic

So apparently while we were at the park for two hours, the body counts rose. I’m going to have to eat crow and give real numbers. Apparently they are closing an elementary school in Mira Mesa, or so says Mother, who texted me while I was driving (doesn’t she know how dangerous that is?); I’ll have to check it out. But my stuffy nose and headache persist, and now I am pretending that my neck is stiff and my knees are a little sore.

More later, if I can justify it. Book club book! Work deadlines! So much to worry about in these troubled times. Plus I am supposed to be cooking dinner. We’re having a nice steak, broiled, with some crappy frozen broccoli, steamed.

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