The Swine Flu (Potential) Pandemic of Aught-Nine: Day 3–I Have a Stuffy Nose

Did we get some activity yesterday! Everyone’s favorite website, the CDC Swine Flu Investigation page, reports numbers double from yesterday morning:

The CDC Update on US Cases of Swine Flu A (H1N1):
April 27, 2009, 1:00 PM EDT
California: 6 people
Kansas: 2 people
New York City: 28 people
Ohio: 1 person
Texas: 2 people

Canada and Scotland are also reporting cases, as is Spain, which I learned at the WHO website in “Update 3.” Today the WHO is reporting only 7 deaths of 26 confirmed cases, which makes the previous numbers very interesting. We’ve gotten 68, and 81, and 61 variously over the weekend, even from the WHO (as reported by various agencies). I don’t doubt that people have died from the flu, but it’s very interesting to see how the reporting is going and how the actual confirmation of cases is going. It’s a good thing I am so sensible, because when you blog and report from the front lines, less sensible people get hysterical. Yahoo is running headlines like “Europeans Warned Not to Travel to the US” when they ought to be running headlines like “90 Percent Fewer Swine Flu Deaths over the Weekend in Mexico than Thought.” Oh well. Maybe I am totally misunderstanding the big picture. It’s a good thing no one reads my blog for information.

My Stuffy Nose
I really do have a stuffy nose. It sort of started last night in that almost prickly throat sort of way, and I’ve been quite tired lately (although I am always quite tired, so that’s a non-example), and today I sort of have a headache. Life’s dangerous at the front lines, and these symptoms seem to be affecting my ability to type words correctly the first time. I think I would feel a lot better if there were Triscuits or popcorn in the house, but there’s not, so I don’t. I will punish the universe, then, by jacking up the central heat and trying to speedread my book club book, so I can get it done by Wednesday night AND still make my work deadline of Friday, which I could sort of push out to Monday if I lay low and let the time difference work in my favor, but which would also wreck my weekend. I’m waiting right now for the books I’ve requested from various libraries to arrive at my local branch, so I hope we don’t have a pandemic before I can do that, because they’ll probably close the libraries and I won’t be able to invoice for my new kitchen. If I do turn out to be a statistic, it’s a pretty good statistic to be. I’ll be able to boast for the rest of my life that I fell prey to the Great Swine Flu (Potential) Pandemic of Aught-Nine and thus weaseled out of making dinner for three nights in a row.

I hope something Great happens this year, good or bad. We are running out of chances to use the word “Aught” in my lifetime, and it’s such a good word. I waited almost thirty years for the opportunity, and I feel like I’ve wasted it. The Great Recession of Aught-Nine just doesn’t have the same resonance.

My New Kitchen
I am totally stoked right now to have a completed kitchen design that I made all by myself with the IKEA proprietary software. There are a few little bugs, but it generates a price list! I am a little dismayed that the 10 percent discount will basically just cover the sales tax, but it’s not zero! It looks like we’re going to have the official IKEA stuff installer come measure and advise this very week! We need advice on what to do with the four inches of space above the cabinets, and when to have the floors figured out. Because my mother told me to do it, and because it is prudent, I also called this one guy who is advertising $5000 kitchens if the items are on-hand. Now that seems like a big promise. Although it seems like it’s already Friday, it’s really only Monday, so I have time to gather information before the sale ends on Sunday. I suppose it’s OK to charge this even though we just paid off credit card. One must have something awful hanging over one’s head, right? And the 10 percent in savings is still greater than the interest we would pay on the balance, so it’s worth it to buy right now. Besides, their prices are going up in June. They always do.

Freedomain Radio: Coda
I really had stopped writing about the Adventures of Stefan Molyneux and the Sheeple because they really were the same old stories and I really wasn’t angry anymore, but I’d check in periodically to see what they were saying about current events. I wanted to see in particular what they were saying about the swine flu, which as of Saturday night turned out to be nothing. Sunday morning I discovered I was IP banned from the site. I can’t access it (directly) anymore. It’s sort of a badge of honor at Liberating Minds–the “rival” website (they don’t think they are rivals, nor do I, but FDR does)–to have been banned. I haven’t been banned as a user, but just as a visitor. I’m counting it, even though I’m sure it has nothing to do with me personally. Molyneux bans people who visit the LiMi website from his own.

Badge of honor isn’t really the right phrase; maybe it’s more of a rite of passage. Whatever it is, I guess I clicked through to an FDR link one too many times from the LiMi website and got caught in the crossfire. Fortunately, you aren’t banned from going over there to see what the crabbiest anarchists of all the anarchists are spouting off about. Knock yourselves out! Nothing really has changed since January… there’s the garrulous new user here and there, who speaks up, gets banned, and has all traces of ever being a member deleted, but nothing we haven’t seen before. Even the mainstream media is done with it; perhaps the Lew Rockwell site has dropped him, too, but I’m not real clear on the extent of their relationship. It’s not a site I visit, but it’s a site I know about and it’s name has come up in a few places at FDR.

Regardless, I have since learned indirectly that they still really aren’t talking about swine flu, except to talk about the way other people are talking about it, in a thread called “Interesting Article on Alex Jones” in the “Other” subforum in “Miscellaneous.” You can look it up. It’s mostly about Alex Jones, who is boring. Wait, wait–that’s me judging him, which is wrong. I find Alex Jones boring. I am not really curious about the reasons why, but I suspect it’s all my mother’s fault.

Tomatoes and Compost
My last plantling found a home with the UPS guy, who is not the usual UPS guy. Either he’s a sub or a route replacement, but he took the last unclaimed Yellow Pear home to put in his yard. Goodbye, little Yellow Pear! I’ve gotten a picture of the Roma I sent home with our tax guy, and it looks pretty chipper in its pot, although I hope Tax Guy gives it a bigger pot to grow in soon. The last three, a Roma, Yellow Pear, and a Red Currant, are going home with Book Club Buddy tonight. She’s moving to a new house, also with a yard, and I’m not sure if they are going to be put in the ground or in a pot, but they better be put somewhere soon!

The UPS guy was delivering what I think is my replacement compost machine. Yay! Now with the new kitchen going in, it means we’ll get the extra stove, microwave, and sink out of the garage and I can set up my whole little composting station out there! It’s going to be very exciting. I still don’t know what I’ll do with all my compost, but it’s fun to have around. Perhaps next year this time I’ll have enough to grow tomatoes in a 50 percent compost/50 percent soil-less compound per the instructions of that PDF document put out by the University of Maryland. So, thank you, NatureMill. You were pretty slow to get this machine to me, but get it to me you did and I promise not to cut any more wires between the computer panel and the power supply.

Naptime = Over. Fella and Filly are waking up, and it’s finally sunny out, and they will no doubt demand that we go to a fun place. I better log off now and get my iPod charged up. We will probably be doing some walking.

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  • Barbara Weed  On May 3, 2009 at 6:39 am

    “Nothing really has changed since January…”

    Yes, you are right. Members of Freedomain Radio continue to defoo. Stefan Molyneux continues to take their “voluntary donations” even when the donors are jobless and struggling to find money for food and rent.

    The mainstream media might have forgotten Molyneux but parents have not forgotten their children.

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