Lunch Ogre

I am so sick of being the lunch ogre. I hate that I have to police a meal to make sure it gets eaten, especially because I know that kids are much more honest about their appetites than adults are. When a kid eats something but doesn’t finish it, it often means that they have eaten enough to be satisfied. In my house, it seems to mean that EVERYTHING ELSE–from the grill tongs to the cat to each other–is more interesting than lunch. Maybe I serve boring food… but they get avocados! They get chocolate milk! They get crunchy rice noodles that we blew up tall like a building and turned into a snowman! This is certainly not the worst problem I could have, and it is definitely better to bully a kid into eating than to bully a kid into stopping eating, but I feel bad. And annoyed. Breakfasts are marginally better because I think they are legitimately hungry. Dinners are OK because everyone is at the same table with placemats. But lunch is a trial. Lunch takes place in the kitchen, with just the two of them eating, and lunch food is the most feeble food of all (even at restaurants). We’re set up to fail. Me not eating when they eat and typing on the computer at the big table while they eat probably doesn’t help, but I choose to discount that as a contributing factor because, well, it would annoy me to sit and do nothing but loom menacingly at the table. Besides, the more water they spill on my floor, the cleaner they get–kids and tile alike.

I am also bellyaching about calling the garage door people. All garage door replacements seem to be costing the same, but Husband is getting penny wise and hassle foolish and making me call around to see if we can save a hundred dollars. That is not a small sum of money, but it also pushes the install dates back by the day. Just how many dollars of savings per day is a replacement worth? Plus the stupid HOA is involved and they have to approve my choice of door–even though they told me which one to buy–and I don’t know how long that kind of decision takes around here. If I knew it was going to take a week or two regardless, then the wait wouldn’t matter either. Such problems that face me… lunch ogring, parking on the curb, blogging when I have nothing interesting to say…

I am really craving El Pollo Loco food, too, which is sort of a problem because it requires a car to get to. Husband will be coming home early from work and he is taking the kids out for the afternoon/evening so I can get some work done, which means I won’t be able to sneak out to the drive-through on the pretense of returning extra containers (because having a two-year-old in a shopping cart prevents me from doing plane geometry math). The highlight of the story is that I culled all the teeny tiny baby toys from the herd, and threw a lot of the cheap plastic stuff (like from Happy Meals) out, and so the toys that are left over fit nicely into the containers that I do have. We actually cleared off the train table! We actually put all the train tracks in one place! We actually gathered all the megabloks from around the house and put them in the playroom! This means that when Fella wants to make an elaborate system of trains around the room, he can, and when Filly wants to stack bricks as close to the ceiling as possible, she has a steady surface to start on. I am still mentally trying to justify spending sixty dollars on supercute floor cushions. Maybe my mother will talk me into it. I am also really happy to have the little TV out of the corner where it was behind two jutting edges and too easy to get stuck six inches from (if you are a kid). Yes, I have a TV in the playroom. It has a VCR attached. Do you know how cheaply you can buy VHS movies at thrift stores and libraries now? Too bad most of them are the straight to video sequels of better movies that people wore out on cassette and then replaced with DVDs.

So I don’t think that the toys are going to put themselves away after all, but I feel a lot better about knowing exactly which toys are in circulation and having designated places to stash them. At preschool each shelf and bin has a photograph taped to it of what is supposed to go in them, but because we only have six spots, I’m pretty sure we can keep everything straight. I have more reason than ever to get the office organized (it’s the closet off of the playroom) so we can clean the downstairs and never, ever have to hang out there and mess it up again. Unless we are on the patio. The problem of sunshine and laptops is going to be a lot harder to solve.

I have also identified why our bedroom stinks. It’s not the smell of cheap cat litter leaking in from the balcony, or traveling in the fur of cats. Puff has been using the tall plant to pee in. She’s probably mad about the cat litter (and that was another penny-wise decision that we will never make again, but were both curious to try). The smell finally was too potent to be explained any other way. If the pot didn’t weigh a hundred pounds and if the tree in it wasn’t eight feet tall, I’d have dragged it onto the balcony by now, but it’s too cumbersome so I have to wait for another adult to come help me. We were needing to give that poor plant more dirt anyway, so it will just get an entirely new batch. With compost.


Our compost machine replacement has finally been shipped!

I have teeny tiny precursor nubs that will hopefully turn into tomato flowers on another plant! It’s one of the upside down plants which have not yet impressed me with their lushness, and it’s of the yellow pear variety, so that’s exciting.

My name was praised to the heavens for introducing a friend of a friend to I’ll let your curiosity take you the rest of the way there.

I have rice already made and some excellent soup–Pacific Foods Cashew Ginger–on hand to bust into as soon as everyone leaves.

My grape vine is flourishing; that plant has been the biggest surprise of the year.

The work everyone is leaving the house to let me do is the easy part of the project. It’s time consuming, and not entirely brainless, but it’s a lot of google and clicking, and I should be able to sneak in some online television in a tiny onscreen window while I do it. And there’s an awful lot of good stuff on Thursday nights.

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