Karen… (Theme and Variations)

I simultaneously wish I’d never seen this note going around online, and I am grateful for the opportunity to combine Google with wasting time. Plus it’s way more fun than those stupid Nathaniel Branden sentence completion exercises.

“Karen would rather be”…

…by the sea
…on the jury with her morals and ethics intact
…riding her horse
…in the casino
…giving than receiving
…in an alliance with Will. But she is scared they don’t have the numbers. And Karen has never trusted Adria.


…on her knees as she, well, yeah, one of those
…in a worship environment
…yeah, well, another one. You can look it up in Google. It isn’t hard–yet. TWSS.
…called chickenshit than get in trouble for another fight…

…but she has work to do and Guilder to frame for it.

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