Drop Some of Your Needs! Alternately, You Could List Them.

My worlds are colliding… a Friend on Facebook did this thing where he entered his name and the word “needs” as a search term in quotes on Google to see what the first ten things are to come up. It’s the sort of thing you are supposed to do as a Facebook Note and tag all your Friends so they can see what mischief you get up to, but I don’t feel like tagging my Friends on Facebook because, theoretically, as my Friends, they already know what I need and don’t need to be reminded. My Gentle Readers, however, might not be so well-informed. So because I wasn’t tagged in aforementioned note and because I’d feel a little silly blatantly copying him without invitation, I am moving it to here. I sort of need the content, I am hoping that participating in this stupid game will increase blog traffic, and the idea amuses me to no end.

Playing got a little tricky, because many someones named Karen have already played the game and written about it, so the first ten things to come up aren’t in a row. But as a self-absorbed time-waster currently procrastinating on baking a cake and cookies, it seemed like the perfect solution to think and write about myself while avoiding my stated goals.

Karen needs…

1) …a lobotomy
2) …help marrying a woman
3) …to get her ass off the ground

4) …a rest
5) …a website
6) …your support
7) …a new helmet
8) …a new job
9) …tech advice
10) …a ride for one to San Ramon.

But what Karen really wants is…

1) …an apology from Kamla
2) …a friendlier injection
3) …your hunting stories
4) …to be a Carey’s Cutie
5) …her new glasses
6) …to try Aroa Fine Chocolate
7) …a man for NSA fun only
8) …an orange cat named Pumpkin

9) …to go to Emma’s on the Boardwalk
10) …to run after school classes in Aikido that aim to raise the general well being of a child and encourage them to learn life skills in a fun way.

Because who doesn’t want to learn skills in a fun way? I want to learn skills in a fun way. Especially in an NSA fun kind of way, if you get my meaning. Perhaps I can do that in San Ramon. Perhaps that’s why I’m going.

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