“Too Much Garlic” Only Makes Sense Syntactically

It’s like all those furiously sleeping colorless green ideas. Sure, the adverb “too” modifies the adjective “much,” which modifies the noun “garlic,” but strung together like that the phrase makes no sense. Take it up with Chomsky. I’m too busy making cupcakes and running to the grocery store to pick up the corn, the green chiles, and the bell pepper that I effin forgot to buy at the store two nights ago. What a pain. I suppose it’s “my own fault,” a syntactically correct phrase that makes more sense more often than I’d like.

Crock pots, however, are forgiving. It’s only my timeline that will suffer. Hopefully dusting won’t get knocked off the list, but a girl (read: this girl) can only do so much in one afternoon.

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