Very Cute Things

It’s later than I meant it to be, so I’m not going to go into this whole narrative with a paragraph structure or anything like that, even though I want to. I’m also cutting off my Babylon 5 watching experience twenty minutes into a very good episode (Season 3: All Alone in the Night) because my mind is busy composing the blog entry for that and I know I don’t have time to write it up. Besides, I am eager to climb into a bed that has clean sheets, a clean blanket, and a mended duvet cover. I’ve had all those things separately for the past week, but none in combination. It will be a lovely feeling. I am hoping that I don’t have to get out of bed until at least seven-thirty tomorrow, and that I have no nightmares about the fires in Australia. The news has rattled me.

So in my haste I am employing the blog entry strategy of last resort: A list.

Very Cute Thing #1: Puff on Laundry Day

It’s the last load I have to do from the Great Scabies Outbreak of Aught-Nine, and Puff’s been on it all day. By all day I mean like ten hours. You can’t blame her–it’s the comforter and crocheted blanket pile. How could I disrupt that? It’s what housecats are for. That is not, for the record, the comforter that got mended. It was the comforter I was using until the mending was done.

VCT#2: Valentine’s Day Finger Sandwiches

Fella goes to preschool now, which is a very cute thing all on its own, and they are having a little Valentine’s Day party tomorrow. (They only go Mondays and Fridays, and Friday is a holiday for some reason. Probably Presidents’ Day.) I signed up Friday to bring children’s sandwiches, because the only thing left was that or main entrees. Screw that.

The sandwiches are on white bread (the devil’s bread), with cream cheese I tinted pink with food coloring and raspberry jam. I cut them into hearts with a cookie cutter, and more or less got five hearts out of each sandwich. It’s perfect for little kids! I was quite pleased with the result. I got the idea for the cream cheese and jam from another party we went to a few weeks ago; those sandwiches were just cut in triangles but they were cream cheese with an apple or pineapple jam on a wheat bread, and I think they tasted better. But they weren’t pink, were they? The only part that confuses me about these sandwiches is what to do with the rest of the bread, cheese, and jam left over. Right now I’ve got the crusts and shells of bread piled in a giant bowl with Saran Wrap over them in the fridge. I have this idea that Filly won’t mind eating them while her brother is at a party with heart-shaped sandwiches. We’ll see how that goes. The hearts that split open and bled red jam out of these gaping wounds I pulled from the batch and left them for her. Maybe those will be comfort enough.

VCT #3: The Banshee

This Banshee thing is not a very cute thing, but it’s what Fella wanted. He has known for a long time that when he goes poo in the potty every single time he would get to go to Sears Essentials (yeah, he likes Sears) and pick out a special toy. We’ve been feeding him these mini-cars from the Cars movie as bribes for when he would tell us it’s time to go, and he’s got six of those in circulation now. Then he got to earn his way to this Cars whiteboard. Those were all the bribes, but today he interrupted his nap to ask if he could go to the bathroom, and then went willingly back to sleep. When he woke up he wanted to go to a “fun place,” and it just seemed like the right day to make this special trip. What he must like about Sears is that we’re rarely there (it’s not overused like Target), and what I like about Sears is that it has only four aisles of toys. It’s not a full department store. He took the job of choosing the special toy very seriously, and tried out a few different trucks. This one pleases him a lot because it came with a miniature Tow Mater, which he didn’t have, plus it was an excavator. This thing is supposed to gobble up cars and makes some loud noises, but he doesn’t really like that. The night before Christmas he started telling me all about how Santa was going to bring him an excavator toy. I actually panicked, having bought him train set stuff and a bicycle instead. Grandma and Grandpa came through with a crane and this dump truck thing, which are beloved, but neither one is an excavator. I hope his little life is complete now. The very cute thing? How proud he was to carry that truck to the cash register, and how thoroughly he explained to the cashier why he was getting the toy and all the ways he had to earn the little cars.

I thought it was very cute, anyway.

VCT#4: Seth Green on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’m just now watching Buffy and I was sort of surprised when Seth Green showed up on it. I’m not looking to be spoiled (although I did learn, just by being alive, things about Willow that I haven’t seen on the show yet). The show has some startling and unexpected moments of poignancy, and I’m getting into the goofy action stuff, and I’m only at the Oz Is a Werewolf episode, but he is adorable. His interest in Willow is charming! It’s totally out of the blue to me that he’d be a cast member, but I am enjoying it. Everyone is really hamming it up, but he is fun for me to see. You get so few television surprises in this day and age, especially when DVD makes just about everything available all the time. But Buffy got by me when it was on air and I like not knowing very much about it still. I was watching Oz and Willow make googly eyes at each other while making those little heart-shaped sandwiches, with the cat curled up on my laundry, and it was a very pleasant night.

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