Net Loss = Zero

-1: Mountains of unfolded laundry waiting for me.
+1: Three bathrooms are fit for human use again!

-1: eztv’s streaming option works horribly.
+1: Dried wild rice vacuums up beautifully! (No sticking!)

-1: I didn’t work on my project.
+1: I finished my other project!

-1: I missed Ugly Betty.
+1: I caught 30 Rock. “Generalissimo” FTW!


-1: The car battery acted up today.
+1: OxiClean got those blood stains out!

-1: I left an open carton of milk in the car.
+1: I had Rubio’s Pesky Combo Especial for lunch! Especial!

-1: My new NatureMill composter will take a month to arrive.
+1: My own copy of Odysseus Unbound arrived today! (Thank you, Ms. Stephenson and Mr. Bittlestone!)

-1: Scabies.
+1: Jon Hamm!

-1: The wine bottle cork got tossed out.
+1: I had to finish the bottle.

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