Procrastination and Pocket Doors

I have some work to do, which isn’t due until Friday, but the client said it would be very helpful to her if I could turn it in tomorrow. I want to help her, for a variety of reasons–it would be nice, I don’t want to forget, I have other stuff to do tomorrow–but I also want to watch Lost. I missed the broadcast of Lost tonight, because, well, I’m not ever ready to sit down to watch TV at 8:00 PM (and even 9:00 PM is pushing it). I know there are some unsavory ways to procure the show in advance of its 2:00 AM appearance at, but those would slow my computer down and make me nervous about exceeding bandwidth allowances. I once exceeded bandwidth allowances by uploading photographs to Shutterfly, and they shut my Internet down. On a weekend. Once I got through to them they were very nice, said it was out-of-character behavior and wanted to make sure that some unsavory person wasn’t hijacking my connection, and tried to sell me the more expensive package, but it was very inconvenient to not be able to download some files I needed. And stressful. And it put the fear of god in me about downloading. A fear that I have occasionally conquered, but the work I do now DEFINITELY requires a steady connection.

So I figured I wouldn’t be able to watch Lost until tomorrow. No problem. But then I discovered this streaming thing, and then I couldn’t make it work. So I went back to procrastinating on the work, and then I got the bright idea to check some streaming channels that I’ve been to for older shows. To my shock tonight’s episode is already up in many, many places. I clicked on a link just to see–it’s good. It’s high quality. It’s sorely tempting me. I am really close to ditching my work now and just watching. But if I do that, I’ll have absolutely no excuse to not also fold laundry, and I really don’t want to fold laundry. I’ve done so much laundry in the past few days, I can’t bear to handle another clean item of clothing. Besides, I cleaned a floor today. Surely that count for something!

So I’m back to the project, but I’m a little depressed about discovering that my former show choir director and basically mentor–the guy who taught me everything I know about accompanying singers and running a vocal rehearsal and arranging vocal harmonies (all of which I have forgotten how to do in the past six years)–is embroiled in a multilevel marketing scheme and invited me to an event that he’s promoting as a way for me to be healthier but is really a way to lure me into working downline from him. And he didn’t even invite me personally… I’m just part of this mass invitation. Not that I ever thought I was more than a pianist for a few years in his choir (and he’s had a lot of pianists, most of whom were probably better than me), but he threw everything he had against a wall just to see what would stick, and it wasn’t even something personal. I suppose I should be relieved that there’s no pressure about finding a good excuse not to go because out of the 385 invitations he isn’t likely to notice my non-response. And it’s not like we email regularly… this invitation came through Facebook. It really is nothing personal. But I’m sad that he’s involved in it, even if it’s working as well for him as he says it is. Who am I to begrudge him a supplemental retirement income? Or his wife? Or his daughter? Too bad it’s based on flimflam health claims. If he hasn’t gotten sick in three years, my money’s on the fact that he’s a cyclist and involved in the community and not on the efficacy of whatever Usana Health Sciences is peddling. (Ha! See what I did there?)

So I’m treating this mild depression with wine, which makes me want to work even less. I am paralyzed. I cannot move from the computer. I’m actually sitting at the computer in my office area, which means I can hear Fella waking up or lucid dreaming and talking about yogurt, which woke up Filly next door, and she’s talking back to him about something, and he’s responding from his dream, and it’s pretty funny. See, if I got up to go fold laundry, they’d probably hear me, and the last thing I am interested in doing is entertaining a three-year-old and a two-year-old in the wee hours, or serving them yogurt. Especially not yogurt. It’s messy and sticky and this yogurt we’ve got in these single-serving novelty tubes–Go-gurt!–has that nasty artificial sweetener smell. Don’t get me wrong–I’m a big fan of artificial sweetener, but I hate it in yogurt. I’ll really hate it this late at night.

Oh, dear. Now it’s morphed into something stressful. He just shouted, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Do not! Not! Not! I do not want that in this area!” Filly must have gone back to sleep, because she made no response.

What I have finally done is taken pictures of our wall that we built last September, the wall that we had all those pocket door adventures for. This wall and those pocket doors have generated a lot of traffic to this blog (relatively speaking, of course), and I’ve been meaning to put up the “after” pictures for a while. It took longer than I thought to decorate the walls, and it’s still not completely done but it does finally look like a room. Because of, well, my infestation, the playroom floor is mostly picked up and it was as good a time as any to call the thing “done.” I mean, seriously–if I wait until the room is clean and completely decorated, I’ll never get the pictures uploaded. This is the part where you learn (if you haven’t already guessed) that I am not a very good housekeeper. You also learn just how ridiculously huge this bedroom was. It’s all fine and good to hear that it was twenty feet by fourteen feet (twenty-seven feet if you include the closet) but that makes no sense until you see it. I’ve looked many, many times for a before picture of the room, but there’s nothing that captures everything. You’ll just have to believe me when I say the closet was used as a bedroom, and there was a table with four chairs, a couch, coffee table, and arm chair around a television set, and a desk, file cabinet and a bookshelf in the corner. Giant.

So here’s a flashback of what the wall looked like going up:


This is a picture more or less from the same angle:

View from the Doorway

View from the Doorway

Fella, who was contemplating where his room would be, now gets to sleep in his very own bedroom with a window instead of being hidden inside the closet:

Fella's Room

Fella's Room

Filly’s room is a mirror image of Fella’s room. She was sleeping in the master bedroom closet, and our clothes were basically hung up on a bar along the wall. It looked messy. This is much cuter. My mother made the quilts and curtains for both rooms:


Filly's Room: Adorable Matching Quilt Not Shown :(

Here’s another view of the playroom, looking towards the doorway to the hall and towards the attached bathroom and reading room:

View from the TV Corner

View from the TV Corner

Here’s a picture of the room from the reading room. You can see how the closet/office opens off the room to the right:

View from the Reading Corner

View from the Reading Corner

Here’s the main view of the office. We took the clothes bar out except for this one part (which you can’t see). There’s an upper shelf around the room, very close to the ceiling. On the wall of the doorway is a built-in bookcase; below the clothes bar we installed those wire shelves. Mostly crap occupies both sets of shelves, so you aren’t missing much. I originally had painted a chair white, but it was old, and the seat split. I do plan to paint (read: have Husband paint) the blue chair white, and to touch up the white trim on the desktop that turned that nasty yellow after we coated it with a polyurethane. Once that’s done, I’ll finish putting the stuff back into the drawers and go from 80 percent functional to 100 percent functional.

Formerly a Walk-In Closet

Formerly a Walk-In Closet

The reading room is my favorite part:

A Favorite Nook

A Favorite Nook

The pocket doors work great on the bedrooms, although there was that one time that Fella locked me in Filly’s room and Husband in his room. We have these loops that can hang on this hook to lock the doors from the outside so Fella and Filly stay in their rooms at night; there’s no latch for the pocket doors as we have them. It was a temporary solution that stuck, and there is absolutely no way to get out. Or there was absolutely no way to get out–I’ve stashed scissors on top of the armoires in the rooms in case I ever need to cut the ribbon. The office has a door that opens to the inside that I’d love to replace with a pocket door, but it’s a lot more inconvenient when there’s already a wall in place. I’m pretty sure we could rip the wall apart from the inside, remove some upright boards, and build a pocket–it’s a wall that screams just-a-partition and there is no wiring inside it–but that’s a messy, messy project. It’s a messy, messy project that may be started before we intend to, however, because the door is pulling away from its hinges. The holes on the bottom hinge are already stripped, and the veneer is cracking at the top. Because the doorway is just across from the bedrooms, I really do need to be able to close it for the sound and the light. And if we end up building this pocket door, I’m going to want to replace that sliding door mirror set in the downstairs bathroom/laundry room with another pocket door. I don’t think lumber will be that expensive. It’s effort and trial and error that always cause problems. And if we end up building a wall in the bathroom/laundry room, I’m going to want to replace our old machines with shiny new stackables to give me more floor space.

I guess I better start doing some work.

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