The Anticipated Conclusion of the FDR Affair

Thanks to a post by Patience over at Liberating Minds, I’ve learned that the Freedomain Radio website forum is once again allowing new members to join without first asking express permission from the host, Stefan Molyneux. But this isn’t ‘Nam–it’s a discussion board. There are rules. Most of the rules are lumped under a category called “politeness,” which I find funny. Not because the people who post at FDR aren’t polite–they almost always are–but because they use politeness to say such strange and horrible things. But that’s an old rant of mine I am not going to revisit.

The rules include not posting when you are angry, not posting at sites that criticize FDR, and not calling FDR a cult without evidence. Violating the rules will get you banned. Heck, at least they are upfront about it. I, like Stewart at LiMi, wonder just what kind of sanctions could possibly be brought against you for doing such things (beyond being banned). I also smugly point out, again, that threatening legal sanctions on a board dedicated to the promotion of anarcho-capitalism as the only moral way to live life is pretty funny. But hey–governments with guns get results, if nothing else.

This post marks my twenty-fifth entry on the FDR drama, and it seems like a nice round number to end at. I reserve the right, of course, to resume this subject should interesting interviews pop up again, and I’ll definitely watch LiMi for any interesting developments (but they are getting sick of the subject, too), but I will take my own advice about TV shows with definite endings (versus the series that just aimlessly go on and on) and find a good stopping place. This is it. I stop. It’s not like I’m deleting any posts, so you can always reminisce with me, but don’t expect new installments. I’ll miss the ratings, of course. It was very good for blog hits, and as we all know, I’m just another stats whore.

A stats whore with a rash.

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  • Karen  On February 24, 2009 at 12:56 am

    A sudden spike in my stats caught my interest, and it turns out this post is linked to in the “Announcements” for Gold+ Members at FDR in a thread titled “ew.” It’s practically like being in the inner circle. They think that it’s gross I had a rash. It was gross. Small bugs were inside my skin and laying eggs there, but a belated diagnosis and a few treatments of ointment and a lot of laundry FINALLY solved my problem. I’m still a stats whore, but I’ve been scabies-free since 02/03.

    My biggest problem right now is fiberglass threads in the pads of the middle finger of my right hand. They sparkle.

  • Rezzealaux  On August 18, 2009 at 10:00 am

    Wow, I never read the ToS. It really DOES say it right there o_o;

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