Recent Barbara Weed Interviews

I’ll probably fritter away some time later typing up a transcript of these interviews, but for right now I’ll just link to them because they are still live:

Barbara Weed on Jeremy Vine’s Radio Show, January 7, 2009

(This is the interview that Stefan Molyneux referred to in his discussion board post about why he was refusing interviews. He was invited to participate but declined. I already blogged the short version here, because he invited people to blog about it.)

The interview goes from about 1:10:00 to 1:23:45. Barbara Weed is very passionate in this one, and speaks much more freely and emotionally, and blatantly accuses Molyneux of lying about Tom’s family history and about the number of people who have deFooed from their families. There are a couple of questions at the beginning establishing the story, and then it’s mostly Barbara speaking with few interruptions. They read from the email that Molyneux sent, and Barbara responds to it directly. She also refers to Molyneux’s practice of banning people and deleting accounts. She does admit that her husband–the Devil–shouts at the cat.

Barbara Weed on the Matthew Bannister “Outlook” program, January 7, 2009

The segment starts less than a minute in and runs for about thirteen minutes; I don’t know what that phone call business at the beginning refers to. It feels like the same interview, with the same specifics and the references to banning. Of course, the story is the same story with no updates, although here she admits that The Devil shouts at the cat AND tosses paper across the room. What distinguishes this from the first interview above is the interviewer asks her whether or not it’s true that adult relationships are voluntary, and if people should be allowed to cut ties. She agrees, briskly, but then points out that there’s no need for people to cut ties with all members of their family. Tom isn’t talking to his brothers or other relatives anymore, either. Her conversation about spending a quiet Christmas missing one son really brings home how painful this is for the entire family.

And then, Barbara is asked how she feels. She talks about how she has given up on seeing her son again, and how warning others about this problem is her way of responding. They talk about Molyneux’s response to members to seek therapy before making any life decisions, which is true–that is a thing he tells people a lot.

Bannister gives Barbara a platform, and he asks her to consider things from Molyneux’s point of view, but once she answers, there’s no follow through. These aren’t tough questions by any means. She gets a lot of words in, especially about the donation aspects of the site and the podcasts. He also reads from the email that Molyneux wrote in response to the interview request.

Personal Comments
In both interviews she mentions how she partly went to Tom’s cafe to give him some mail and to try to give him the talk about healthy relationships. That’s not a talk I ever really thought about having to give before, but I’ll definitely schedule it for later. Hopefully we won’t have internet connection implants in our head by then, so I could actually have influence over online access!

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  • Barbara Weed  On January 7, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    For info – The interview that Stefan Molyneux referred to in his discussion board post about why he was refusing interviews was actually an interview on Monday on a British television channel called GMTV. He was invited to participate but declined. He’s using the same response for other interviews that he is refusing to participate in. Good to see that he is keen on recycling his rubbish.

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