Freedomain Radio–An Unholy Alliance?

I just like the phrase Unholy Alliance as a rule, and it is a bit of an attention-getter, but they’re the ones that used the word “Alliance” first!

So every so often I get these emails from FDR; this time there’s a new thread dedicated to creating an action plan! The idea is to form alliances with non-profit organizations so they appear higher up on Google’s list with good PR than they currently do with the bad PR:

Group Project: Building FDR Alliances

The link came inside an email that said:

OK people, here is a thread dedicated to some practical action that we can take, involving promoting FDR and pushing the anti-FDR sites off the face of Google.

You don’t need any technical skills to get involved.

The specific anti-FDR site they are thinking of is Liberating Minds, a group they don’t like named in conjunction to FDR because it increases traffic to the bad PR, but there are other sites commenting generally on the topic of culty behavior and other unsavoriness. The plan is to make a list of all the good causes in the world that aren’t technically incompatible with perfect personal freedom, and approach organizations working on those causes. Some of the causes they identify are women’s sexual rights, anti-spanking groups, and capitalists. Part of the lure to forming alliances is to offer free Web design services to groups with crappy websites.

So here’s a for-profit group that strives to increase the personal freedom of its own members by enriching–with real money–its founder, Stefan Molyneux, hoping to jump on the non-profit bandwagon of popular or worthy causes by tricking groups into promoting them. Perhaps these ideas will be thought through better–this is a very fresh post–but I’m pretty sure that some of the third world women’s sexual rights groups are against stuff like child brides and clitorectomies, and they work towards increased legislation and police intervention to stop it. The psychology organizations are full of people who demand that their members undergo things like formal education and certification and submission to a board of experts and rounds of paperworks. The atheist groups don’t hate agnostics as much as the more vocal members of FDR (like this guy: “agnosticism is even more harmful to rationality than religion is”). Child rights organizations often utilize government social workers. But I’m sure they’ll overlook all the parts where FDR has criticized the kind of work they do and called it evil and enslaving and gladly associate their good name with FDR to benefit FDR just because FDR came up with a point of principle in common.

Good luck with that!

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  • Karen  On January 8, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Well, that’s me! Out in the trenches fighting the good fight whether dawn or dusk. But this non-prof alliance thing is just hilarious. Hilarious! Of course, one should always try, but I just think they are too small with too much bad press already for it to go anywhere. Besides, most of the organizations they’ll hit, or that would actually be big enough to do the Google thing that they want, have unholy alliances with governments already. They’ve resolved not to align themselves with evil.

    I have high hopes that 2009 will be a better year for me than 2008. I hope you ate some wonderful food during the various and sundry social events I’m sure you attended.

  • Karen  On January 8, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Don’t get too excited about the drapes. They transformed my living room only to the level of tolerable. Now it looks perfectly ordinary, albeit with some pictures of cute kids and a darling armchair. Plus a fancy new TV. Considering how tacky the place was when we moved in, perfectly ordinary is a dream come true.

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