But Does the Carpet Match the Drapes?

Almost, my friends. Almost. The carpet is this purportedly sage color that has a touch of blue in it, but the drapes are most definitely olive drab. One doesn’t get too choosy when price and immediate availability are the motivating factors. I actually think the olive drab is a much better olive drab than the sage is a sage, and even if I had gone with the gold color that would likely have full-on clashed with the walls (which you may remember are painted “Camel”) I would be pleased to have those nasty, nasty oversized vertical blinds. They were on this jerry-rigged track, and they had that fuzzy on one side thing going on that you just can’t clean of dust. They’ve been up five years for our occupancy, and most likely two before that, and who knows how long the people before that might have put them up. The nasty, nasty pink valance was the first to go, and we’d had this ugly track practically up at the ceiling since we moved in that I’ve been staring at from the kitchen for too long.

I suppose now I am glad I waited. We’ve got all the bright colored furniture that used to be upstairs in the room, and the black NEW TV matches the black frame of the sliding door and window above it, and had I hung up drapes to match the charity set (expensive charity, but charity from Mother) that was in here before it wouldn’t look so sharp and contemporary now. I feel like the room has tripled in size this week–first we get a smaller (read: flatter) television and mount it on the wall, so we lose the big, 1980s oak TV stand, and now the swinging blinds are gone… it’s practically a new room. I love it! I might want to spend even more time down there. I am totally looking forward to pulling these drapes closed during summertime to block the sun that always bothers me when I am trying to watch Star Trek Voyager at 4:00 on cable. Plus grabbing the curtains and swooshing them down the really long curtain rod on clattering rings is very satisfying. The last thing I want for that room is some plants to hang above the drapes, in front of the upper window. It’s not that we need the privacy, but the ceiling is very tall and the windows just look very exposed.

The cats are already having a field day with the curtains, which makes me sort of nervous. The thing is a tension rod–a BIG tension rod–and it’s already kind of sagging in the middle. I’m not sure that I want to support it with a center bracket, because that would make it inconvenient to go through the door. Of course, we don’t really use that door to the patio–there’s a row of plants in the way. It’s a problem not to be solved until necessary. I don’t think the cats can pull the curtains and rod down just by chasing each other, but they are crafty bastards sometimes. It’s far more likely that Fella and Filly will do the bulk of the damage. Of course, I’m the crafty bastard that finally got the TV and VCR set up in the playroom just outside of my office area. There’s no reason for them to be in the living room anymore at all.

I am very pleased with my Wal-Mart lampshade find. It’s a total workaround, but do you know how expensive it is to replace the shade of a torchiere lamp? This lamp cost $40 or less, so I’m not going to be dropping $120 for a new shade, but looking at the bare bulb was awful and I couldn’t bring myself to ditch a lamp that had no actual problems of its own. It is not in my skill set to make one, either. I still could, I suppose, but I have one turned upside down right now and it balances pretty well around the lightbulb. I hope the fabric stuff isn’t too close to the bulb. It’s been on most of the night and so far, no singeing! But doesn’t it seem to you like sewing types are always making stuff and fusing fabric for custom accessories in kids’ rooms? I’ll have to check Jo-Ann’s next. If there’s something in cardstock already shaped just so, I’ll see what I can do. I don’t have high hopes.

Still, my spirit goes undampened!

Random Notes:
I have a Facebook account now. It’s a sad, sad tale, but there you have it. I already have friends, and groups, and notes, and photo tags, and everything. It kept me quiet busy today. Busy, that is, during the parts of the day when I wasn’t in my pajamas, or sleeping on a toddler bed while Fella and Filly watched a movie, or mucking around with the tools, or cooking dinner, or watching Buffy while taking a shower.

I accumulated a $30 fine at the library. $30!!! The main culprits were books borrowed from the university systems. Let’s just say that they don’t get charged at $0.25 a day. I also can’t get, for some reason, notifications from the county system to remind me when books are due. I get those all the time from the city system. It’s never in my spam folder, and I just don’t feel like arguing with the librarians over this issue. I so rarely want to argue with the librarians, you see.

I did not go outside today.

I am deciding right this minute to get rid of the Rocking Chair of Ambivalence. I’ll try Craig’s List first; the seat needs recaning, which would be a great project, but I’m afraid the donation places will just toss it out.

Coffee grounds seem to help with the smell of the composter, but I’m still not thrilled with it. Husband, who clearly missed his calling as a pool guy, wants to play with the materials balance for a few more weeks and see if that gets rid of the smell. Regardless, that thing only gets to be opened at the end of the day. I’m very excited about the dirt I’m going to get, though–I already bought tomato seeds. This time, I may try to sprout them myself. And this time I may put mesh around the planter so little baby hands can’t harvest the tiny buds and flowers. I didn’t get a single damn tomato last year at all.

I did absolutely no work for money today. I really need to get my act together.

I think my television shows come back this week! Yay!

Freedomain Radio Daily Dig
There’s a thread speculating on why humans keep coming up with End Times prophecies, and a poster who is cracking me up. I feel like I am the only one who gets the joke. Them’s practically trolling words! I wonder if anyone at FDR will notice it… I bet the kids at Liberating Minds do. Or maybe I’m just being too cool for school again.

The hammer is his penis.

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