Jam Tomorrow and Jam Yesterday but Never Jam Today

So I am up late at night working for money, and that thread I get emails for at Freedomain Radio is active again: Freedomain Radio and Liberating Minds (LiMi) (they are up to page nine). This one poster has been getting flack for pointing out that what he refers to as the Argument of Priority is a ridiculous response to criticism. For example, Critic will say that FDR is a cult and write a post explaining why. Defender will ask rhetorically why the Critic is so worried about whether or not FDR is a cult when there is <genocide/nukes in Pakistan/creationism in the schools> working true evil in the world. It’s an infuriating response, and a bit of a song and dance, because there will always be something worse. The point of it is to say that Critic has no right criticizing FDR until all the other problems of the world are solved. It’s this handy little trick for a devious little head game. What I love now is that the person who has been asking the people at FDR to stop using the Argument from Priority to end conversations or lines of thought has been told that he shouldn’t worry about what’s going on at FDR when there are so many smaller problems that he could be tackling and solving faster.

So you can’t criticize FDR until you’ve solved all the bigger problems and then all the smaller ones. Follow the white rabbit, Neo! The White Queen is in prime form tonight! And if you can’t follow this anecdote, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s dreadfully confusing.

Stefan Molyneux banned another person tonight, but the guy had it coming. That is, considering the tone of discourse tolerated at LiMi, and the personal nature of the remarks, it’s hardly surprising that it happened. He had to know that in advance, so I think maybe he got sick of being there and was looking for an excuse to leave (he’d been sort of contrary from the outset), and now he can put his name on the Excommunicated List at Liberating Minds if he wants. See you on the other side, Mike!

Or not.

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