Serendipity or Singularity?

You decide!

So I guess my new pink laptop can hear me talking. I’ve been all excited about some HDMI cables that I ordered to go with my

because I made the connection–ha! a joke!–between the HDMI port on the back of the television and a complementary port on the computer. I bought my

primarily for the price (once certain basic requirements had been fulfilled), and didn’t particularly care that it was touted as a great entertainment machine. Silly me thought that meant you could play the really cool computer games on it (you can’t), but it really means that it has TV/Computer compatibility. That didn’t excite me at the time, because we’d been watching a

with ordinary analog cable. It never occurred to me that I could harness my computer for big screen fun, and much has been made about how exciting it will be when I can hook up the Hulu and the and watch all those programs I like to watch the morning after they actually air while sitting comfortably on the couch instead of hunching over the kitchen table. Plus, with all those good shows coming back on the air this month, like

(yeah, it hooked me), it’s a thrilling time to have a CPU. That’s the prologue to my story.

The story? Several weeks ago my computer keyboard started acting up. It started small–every so often I’d type a word (usually “point”) and the cursor would jump back a few spaces and some extra characters would appear on the screen. This happened when I was typing in a form or a text box, and it happened rarely enough that I would forget it was happening at all until it happened again. Then it jumped to all programs, and then it jumped to every time I typed the letter I, and then in quick succession I lost my K, 8, and comma. Then the number lock got stuck in the on position, so I lost all those letters, too. An external keyboard kept the computer functional, but it was a terrible nuisance. A few emails to Gateway ended up with me getting a repair code so the manufacturer could fix or replace the machine–in Texas. I dilly dallied. I didn’t want to mail my computer to Texas, mostly because the second computer in the house is a very old Macintosh that will let me search online (slowly) and use my Word and Excel documents but not print. I am in the middle of a project that I really do need to print stuff for, and although I could be taking my memory stick to OPPs (other people’s printers), it is easier to print as I go. Then I was stalling because Husband really does need his own computer, but we were waiting for the after-Christmas sales and then wondering if we should get one of those tiny portable ones. Dragging the external keyboard (and mouse) around the house finally wore me out, and I made my decision to send the computer to Texas on Monday.

Lo and behold, in the wee hours of the new year, the computer fixed itself. The best I can figure, and I know very little about what goes on inside CPUs or interfaces, or beneath the overpasses of the Internet Superhighway, is that I picked up some ugly little bug or cookie that finally expired. Maybe the clock turning over turned something off. Maybe a scheduled update overwrote some code. Maybe I dripped a single molecule of water on exactly the right spot on the circuit board that fried the troublesome connection. (I’ve watched many episodes of television online from the shower.) Or maybe, just maybe, it woke up and started thinking for itself. The computer probably decided it doesn’t want to go to Texas. It doesn’t want to miss the new season of exciting TV. It wants to see what a ten-foot HDMI cable can do. What if it never came back? I don’t know what kind of personal problem the computer had with me (maybe it got tired of me dissing on the wussy volume of the speakers) but it made it’s own resolution to be nice. It decided to restore full functionality. I don’t know what everyone else’s computer is acting like–I’ve been offline all day having some new year’s fun and helping hang the NEW TV on the wall–but this pretty little pink sweetheart of mine is welcoming her new human overlords. I won’t be surprised at all if the coffee brews itself in the morning. In fact, I am hoping she and the Barista set the thermostat straight and get it to warm up the rooms that are cold instead of taking the temperature from the rooms that are hot. But I want them to leave the iPod out of it–I finally have it arranged the way I want.

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