Top Ten Things I’ll Be Doing Tonight, Drunk

10. Blogging. Du-uhuh.

9. Putting kids to bed.

8. Sewing.

7. Ignoring a smell in my bedroom.

6. Generally making a nuisance of myself online.

5. Paying some bills. Doing a load of laundry.

4. Unloading the dishwasher. Watching a movie.

3. Loading the dishwasher. Plotting out a knitting pattern.

2. Checking my blog stats. I’m a stats whore, with so little to excite me.

1. Beating myself up for totally flaking on breakfast with my friend this morning. It was even a plan that I made.

What can I say? Plans change.

uhhhOhmiGOD! I totally just made a baby blanket tonight! And the kitty approved it, so it gets to stay!


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