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Daily Dig
This is almost too boring to mention, but I have no willpower. Some unnamed (not by me–I don’t know who) Freedomain Radio member sent a note to Liberating Minds’s Conrad’s former employer with a link to the Molyneux article that gives Conrad’s Real Name, saying that Conrad is aggressive and bad and not a good representative of the kind of work that belongs on such a positive and upbeat website/publication (I don’t know what it is, exactly). Conrad talks about it here and there’s not a lot said. It’s just a sad little event. The member was acting alone–he or she had gone rogue, as it were. It is not an endorsed action. /Daily Dig.

Ugly Betty (Season 3, Episode 10: Bad Amanada)
Why oh why did I slam Betty and Daniel in my Marc St. James post? They are great! They are perfectly normal and their perfectly normal problems are touching, and I can almost always totally relate. But Marc did get in some great lines. I’ve said it so many times that I should just have it tattooed on my forehead, but Marc and Wilhelmina have a great dynamic. So do Wilhelmina and Christina. Betty and Amanda’s is a little cliched, but I fell for it. At least I was aware at the time of falling for it that I was being manipulated. All the other emotional manipulations were subtle enough that I didn’t notice. I did not think, however, that the red dress was that great. It fit her funny and was pouchy in parts. But yeah, yeah, scarlet woman, red fire of love, got it.

Sarah Connor Chronicles
So it boils down right now to two things for me:
1. Is Cameron trustworthy?
2. Is Cameron reliable?

I don’t think she is reliable, and I think it’s pretty clear from the show that the audience is supposed to wonder if her programming/decision-making is working right. I mean, she’s wondering about it herself. However, I do think she is trustworthy, or used to be. I don’t think she is purposefully trying to undermine what Sarah and John and Derek are doing. Her behavior may be screwed up, but she thinks she is helping. I can’t see her right now as a double agent, and I think it would detract from her character if she was. It will also make it very, very interesting if John, Sarah, and Derek figure out that she isn’t reliable anymore and have to decide what to do. But whatever you do, don’t try to glean information from reading the seven or eight different timelines that are out there on the Web to figure stuff out. Your head will explode.

Odysseus Unbound
I am totally digging this book, and now I am in a terrible hurry to finish it. It was borrowed from one of the university libraries through the local network and they want it back early. I have a shitload of work to do for money, Pride and Prejudice to read for book club, a check book to balance, bills to pay, and Guilder to frame for it, but I can’t do any of that until I finish up this book. In my sick, sad set of priorities, this is the top of the list. Making it worse is the fact that I appear to be allergic to it. It still reeks of the four-color ink all over every single glossy page (which is every single page), and when I read it, my hands itch. They are itching right now just thinking of it. I had first attributed it to something from the desert, because we’d gone on that slot canyon hike the day before coming home and you basically touch every part of your arms and legs to the rocks. I knew the time line wasn’t working right, but who is actually allergic to books? I’ve never been allergic to a book before. It’s quite uncomfortable, in fact. It’s definitely odd.

My Beautiful Leftovers Meal
Who would have thought? The pork chops were pre-seasoned from the store, but the vegetables were a bunch of odds and ends. I cooked the pork chops perfectly, per instructions (see my Perfect Pork Chop post), and I just reheated the green beans and pasta from last night. Because I was actually watching the green beans steam, and because they started fresh (instead of flash frozen), they were crispy and bright. Microwaving them tonight made them floppier, but not darker. I had some spaghetti noodles from a few days ago that I mixed with butter, garlic pepper, and shredded parmesan cheese. Then I had this rapidly softening bag of mini-peppers: red, orange, and yellow. You buy a bunch of these at once at Costco, and they last a pretty long time. I didn’t know what to do with them, so I baked them more or less according to this recipe: Oven-Roasted Fennel, Rainbow of Mini-Peppers, and Potatoes. I will definitely be cooking this sometime soon. Look at it!

I already have the perfect dish to serve it in. But tonight I just tossed the peppers that I had (about half a pound) with olive oil, fennel seed, and garlic. I didn’t measure it out, and I forgot to toss them with salt and pepper, so I sprinkled it over the top. I probably baked them at 350 for about 22 minutes. They were soft, and they were blistered in parts but they were not burned. With the green beans, and the paprika-colored pork, and the spaghetti flecked with cheese and pepper, on white plates and my autumn leaves placemats? Gorgeous. How come these meal components weren’t this pretty the first time around?

Unenriched Jasmine Rice from Thailand
It does not taste as good as enriched. At least, Golden Star unenriched does not taste as good Mahatma enriched. Does it taste worse than half as good? Not sure. It’s palatable enough, but it lacks some kind of sweetness or riceyness…. you know how when you cook some rice it sorta smells like popcorn? This sorta didn’t at all. You had to search for it. I have ten pounds of it, and I’m not so picky as to throw it away, so I’ll be making do. Hopefully by the time I run out of it the rice problems will be solved and Mahatma will cost what it used to cost, which is less that $11.49 for five pounds. It makes me bummed about my favorite breakfast: rice with a hardboiled egg mashed up in it, mixed with butter and soy sauce. It’s probably a blessing in disguise, though–I won’t be eating double servings of it.

I like having this word in my lexicon. Thank you, WordPress! I’ll have to spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what would make a good blavatar, and I’m sure I’ll overthink it, but I’ll fun doing so. What I do want to change is the avatar associated with my profile. I picked the fancy square patterns because they reminded me of quilts, and then I had to get the suckiest one of all. I asked them to regenerate it, and they were very nice to reply to my email in a timely manner, but they told me that I’d have to delete my account and start over. Screw that! I’ll review what the monster guys look like, but I wasn’t a big fan of my monster either. I’ll just rip one off from someone else and put another doppelganger in motion.

As long as we’re on the subject of WordPress, I would like to formally state that I do like the new Dashboard. The way it was laid out on the screen threw me with its unfamiliarity, but it’s much more convenient to have tags and categories in a column instead of at the bottom of the textbox, and to have the dashboard options at the side instead of across the top. Who’s with me?

I have this feeling that one good all-nighter would solve all my problems. I wonder if I can pull it off. I will say yes right now so I can waste some more time before doing my to-do things. It’s just so much easier to get stuff done when no one else is awake. I’ll probably just go to bed, though. Not right now. Now I have to go read my Odysseus book. I’ll see what alcohol I can scare up to take my mind of the hives.

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