Vanity, Thy Name Is Karen

Well! I won’t go so far as to say that my worlds have collided, but I’ve been mentioned by name today at both the Freedomain Radio forum and the Liberating Minds forum, so I guess I’ll have to start addressing my gentle readers in the plural. I’ll take what notoriety that I can get, but my compulsion to use lots of words and my desire to set things straight combine to form this shortish mid-day post.

Jimmy at FDR has outed me as a member of The Skeptic’s Guide discussion board. Yes, that’s me! That’s why I link to that discussion board in my blog roll–it’s where I spend the bulk of my Internet time right now. This is what he had to say in a thread called “Freedomain Radio and Liberating Minds” (I have probably linked to already, but who’s counting?):

I am absolutely astounded at how much energy the folks at LiMi put into this. I don’t think I fully realized it until now. I browsed through the site after the most recent controversy and….wow. I mean, some of the people over there write essay length rants on a regular basis. And now this Karen person from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe forums is knee-deep in writing treatises on the subject. I can’t figure out if it’s sad, funny, or creepy. A lot of it is mindless attacks and smearing; but I sort of expected that.

What I found even more strange is the multi-page (sometimes well over 5 & 10 pages) posts and essays analyzing every facet of FDR podcasts and conversations. And if my memory serves me right I do believe the newest basher’s (Karen from the SGU forums) husband is an FDR listener. I remember from Nex’s brief interaction at the SGU boards reading posts where she insulted her husband (calling him naive and silly, etc.) and blamed Stef for problems in her marriage. It’s all just bizarre. I just can’t keep thinking about all of these people hovered around their computers for countless hours, typing insults, rants, and essays about one little ole person who they all seem to agree is a rather unimportant philosopher. I mean, you only live once; why not actually enjoy it?

Following are my points of correction. I would have brought them up directly (and without embellishment) at the FDR forum, but new user accounts can’t be created right now. I will have to hope that Jimmy reads this blog again.

1. I am not knee-deep in writing treatises on the subject. When both little kids are up and around and here and there and everywhere, it’s hard for me to work but it’s easy for me to spout. Heck, we’re all there at the kitchen table, and there aren’t really any good shows to watch online anymore. A girl’s got to say something. And this is driving traffic to my blog, which is good for all the other topics. Someday, I know, this duh-rama will no longer be useful. I am making an investment in my future. It’s just like Miss America Vanessa Williams and those naked pictures.

Those pictures caused her a lot of trouble at the time, but look at her now! She’s had record albums, she’s got a starring role on Ugly Betty, and she’s been famous ever since abdicating her crown. Can you even name another Miss America? I bet the closest you come to a name is “That Deaf One.”

2. Husband was not an FDR listener. Husband’s friend was, and it trickled down to me. I blame the friend for all the problems I had in my marriage, so there! For that and my dry, listless hair (which has since bounced back to full glossy–the haircut helped).

3. I am enjoying the writing and the blogging and the attention. How could I get it otherwise? I mean, I like soup, but people aren’t flocking to my write-ups about soup. I like books, but my real life book club meets less than once a month and I have more enthusiasm than confidence about the Skeptic’s Guide/International League of Skeptics book club ever getting off the ground. But speaking of soup and SGU, I would like to make a veiled allusion to an Amish mushroom soup recipe that is on deck for tonight’s dinner and small Amish doll (made in China) that is on a display shelf in the living room. I can say no more at this time.

4. Jimmy is getting his information second-hand from Nexalacer, who is the person who started the infamous anarchy thread that went almost a hundred pages and to which I am perversely linking now. I didn’t insult my husband, although I was quite angry at him and did say along the lines that I could never trust him again to not be stupid, and I am sorry for putting that in print. We’ve both learned a lot from 2008. I will say it again, however, that to believe that anarchy and voluntarism will solve and/or preempt the world’s problems is naive and that many of the complicated arguments for it that rely on the absolute best behavior of people who don’t even know you are just silly. Sorry. It’s a big thought experiment about a house of cards.

I am glad, though, that me–one little ole person–has gotten some attention from the followers of an unimportant philosopher (in the discussion board and in the chat room–I noticed some click-throughs from there because I love checking my stats) and from some other guys. What I need to do is start watching Babylon 5 again to get my other fan back on track. It’s another fun show I can watch from my computer, and I can find just as much to say about it.

But I’ll let these fingers say something else:

I’m going to burn in hell for that, but I think it was worth it.

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