Embroiled in an Imbroglio

Dialogue is occurring on this very site, and my visit count hasn’t been this high since I was blogging about Mad Men and lesbian nun sex. The anarchist duh-rama continues, and I’m referring people to other blogs, and they are referring back to me, and it’s like were all interconnected in this online web. I keep this up long enough, it could cover the whole wide world!

First order of business is to thank Sonia Mansour-Robaey for linking her blog–Brain Mind and Society–to my blog. It is a personal first. Lest you wonder, the serial comma is absent on purpose. She’s making a point about the brain and the mind. I have personal confirmation on that! Second, I would like to link to a new blog by a member of the underdogs, QuestEon from Liberating Minds, that has written an analysis of an analysis and makes a very good case for his point of view. (I am assuming QuestEon is a he because the avatar associated with the name is a male. Yeah, yeah, you can gender bend, but considering that in my experience most anarchist types are male, I’m going with probabilities.) QuestEon linked to this blog in the comments of one of my earlier posts, but I’ll put it front and center here:

The Original Article about Freedomain Radio that Appeared November 15, 2008 in The Guardian

Stefan Molyneux’s Response to the Article, posted at the Freedomain Radio Forum

QuestEon’s Analysis of Molyneux’s Analysis of The Guardian Article

Word has it at Freedomain Radio that Stefan Molyneux is scheduled to be interviewed on a BBC radio station, but no one has said when yet. I will be very interested in hearing it, if I can figure out when. It’s been set up with BBC Three Counties Radio, which is taxpayer funded. It appears that you can listen to all the programs online after they air, so if I figure out (or plain-old learn) what show he spoke on, I’ll link to it. There are rumors, too, that he is going to be the subject of a story in a Canadian newspaper (with a photo!) but who knows how that is going to pan out.

Meanwhile, back at Liberating Minds, there is speculation that the flurry of new accounts from people who joined because they read the newspaper article and stopped by to visit and were impressed enough to stay are all fake. I don’t think they are all fake, but I used to work for a guy who would write his own fake reviews for his products and you can totally tell when someone is writing from the heart and when Fakey McFakerston is waxing enthusiastic. They have also found a workaround to combat the generalized threat of having their IP addresses banned from Freedomain Radio because they’ve clicked through to that site from the Liberating Minds site. I haven’t tried it. There is also talk of a new way people are being banned at Freedomain Radio–you can have your account deleted, you can have your IP address blocked, and now you can have it set up so that you can post and see everything, but no one else can see what you write. Even if you do a search by post author, the post will appear in the results but clicking on it takes you somewhere else. They have named two members that this has happened to–one a current member, and one a former member. That’s some gooood crazy-making.

A new third party group has caught on to the excitement: The Ludwig von Mises Institute. There are two separate posts in the discussion forum over there talking about the Guardian article. It’s kinda funny. The first one was started by our QuestEon the Saturday that the article appeared: “Molyneux Continues to Embarrass Libertarian Movement.” The second one was started yesterday (Wednesday following the article) by Stefan Molyneux: “Freedomain Radio in the Mainstream Media.” The Mises Group is a free market crowd for sure, but I’m not sure where they fall on the idea of government itself. The threads run the gamut of reactions, and don’t seem to be slanted in any particular way towards either group.

What I am very pleased about right now is that if you search google on freedomain + radio + guardian my blog appears on the first page. This scandal has become the most popular topic on my blog, outpacing the lesbian nun sex category and the Robot Cake. I’ve been getting a ton (by a ton, I mean five daily) hits on that picture of a robot cake that I baked in August, all from Australia or New Zealand. The ways of the Internet are mysterious. It was, in all fairness, a delicious cake.

That’s the scoop! Now I am going to put on a sweater and do some work for money.

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  • QuestEon  On November 20, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    I’ve taken it one step further. I’ve posted about your blog on Liberating Minds, which means now you’re in the thick of it. I’m hoping all the cross-linking continues until at some point matter meets anti-matter and it’s “Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!”

  • QuestEon  On November 20, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    P.S. Yes, I am male but, surprisingly, not quite an anarchist.

  • ANCAPS  On November 20, 2008 at 6:45 pm

    If you want a good laugh, also check out MolyneuxCultwatch and the anti-Molyneux shopping Plaza:



  • Laird  On November 20, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    The Ludwig Von Mises institute is indeed a free-market group. They are a think tank for the Austrian school of economics. And, yeah, they are pretty anti-state. “Anti-war, anti-state, pro-market” is the motto of lewrockwell.com. And Lew Rockwell is also the guy who runs the Ludwig Von Mises institute. Most of the folks on LiMi are anti-state as well.

    Contrary to popular belief, anarchism (although I prefer other terms like voluntarism for obvious reasons) isn’t about cutting people off or deFOOing. It is the belief that a society based solely on voluntary interactions would be the best society. A society where you can choose to pay for the services usually offered by the state. Or you can decide not to pay for them, and not receive the services. Sure, we’re probably never going to see such a society, but we like to try.

  • QuestEon  On November 20, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    Sonia–I know a couple of responses you got on LiMi were off-putting, but I hope you can take a more forgiving view. Anarchists are firmly against any organization that uses force to impose its will, so suggesting the use of law enforcement or the legal system is just like waving a matador’s red cape. They responded passionately to the suggestions, not to you! My perception is they all have great respect for you and you should continue to feel welcomed there.

    LiMi has become an interesting stew lately as parents and family members who have been victimized by Molyneux have been showing up to converse and gain a better understanding of what happened to their young adult family members. They find themselves talking to people with views on governance and economics that are unusual to them and sometimes the resulting conversations are awkward. Although LiMi members can sometimes express themselves pointedly, I think of them as kind and thoughtful people who have come to their views on economics and governance through much study and deep thought. Our focus is understanding how to build a society that fosters true personal freedom.

    What makes it awkward is when a mother or father shows up there, they’re really not in the mood for a deep philosophical discussion. They want to know what happened to their child. It’s an interesting environment. I hope you’ll feel free to drop by again some time.

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