Room Remodeling–Day 5 (Poor Husband)

Poor Husband has been working his ass off–I think he’s spent at least fifteen hours up in the room, if not more. I’ve run some errands, bathed some kids, cleaned the kitchen a little, taken a shower, and fooled around online. I don’t feel like I’ve pulled my own weight (which is up because I haven’t been cooking). We have almost all the baseboards installed, the ceiling edges painted (where necessary), the canned lights installed, and the carpet holes patched. The baseboards that are left are around the tricksie pocket door and above the carpet patch. After basically being discouraged by carpet dealers about ever finding a remnant piece for our carpet, I followed the advice from the nice guy from North Park Rug & Carpet and cut a piece out of an inconspicuous place, which is the master bedroom closet. So now there will be a patch of green carpet (technically jalapeno) in the lower right corner, which you will never notice unless you walk all the way into the closet, shut the door, turn around and look left. I have to go buy a piece of carpet pad from the carpet place we originally bought carpet from to fill that space, but it’s only going to cost $8, unless the guy was snowing me to get me in the door so he could sell me marble floors for our entryway. Low, low priority project right now. The spot is covered with a Rubbermaid bin full of shoes right now anyway.

Patching the carpet was kind of a pain, I guess, because of how sticky the tape was. We moved the tack strips that formed L-shapes into the corner, and just taped the rest of the piece down. (I wasn’t there when the carpet was cut or placed.) It’s a little puffy in the non-wall corner (the holes were two rectangles in each corner where the vanity had been standing), and you can feel the ridge with your toes, and the tacks he put in from the top glint slightly in the light, but there will be a bookshelf and a boy-sized armchair in the corners, plus the baseboards holding it down. I’m not that worried about it. And the canned lights are really, really bright. It’s going to be a great spot to read!

There was a little drama installing the lights, because neither set of instructions for the lights were to be found. They were either tossed out by the handyman, or misplaced among papers (I think the latter). Because we were already on our way to go buy carpet seam tape, I ended up opening another light at the store and actually photographing the instructions. By the time we got home he’d wired everything (which I knew he didn’t really need instructions for) but Figure 6 came to the rescue!

And thus was solved the mystery of the two-part springy bracket. Voila! Lights! Speaking of which…

Impulse buy! But we’ve been one nightlight short, and Little Filly has a butterfly thing going on her crib bedding, and it was cute. Plus the neon light part intrigued me and I wanted to see how it looked. It seems quite dim, but it will probably orient me in the tiny space. Fella can’t keep his hands off of it, and it has been plugged into every outlet in that room. I’d say it’s a success.

Another unexpected success: I have solved–I think–the teeny tiny car garage problem. I’ve looked here and there for some kind of vertical storage thing like they sell pens in when they sort them by color at the craft stores. I was checking the toolbox organization stuff at the store when I was buying the ceiling paint this morning and I saw these drawer organizers:

It shouldn’t be too hard to hang up on the wall, and it will probably be interesting to look at. Plus the white will match the trim in the room. I just hope that Fella doesn’t disassemble it–it’s the kind of thing that slides together. If I’m lucky, it will keep most of the teeny tiny cars off the floor. And if it works, for another $8 or $9 I can get another one.

I also picked out some colors for my desk. It’s been pink since I was in high school, with white ceramic drawer pulls that have roses on them. It would be cool to have a stained wooden desk, but it’s very old and has a couple coats of paint and I just want it done. So it’s between some Ralph Lauren colors that really all look alike to me: “Desert Boot” (from the Thoroughbred palette), “Cargo Brown” (from Vintage Masters), and “Library Mahogany” (from Naturals). Unless someone comes up with a reason not to, I’m choosing Library Mahogany because, well, I like libraries and at least mahogany is a wood. And I am going for wood. A girl always likes wood.

And that’s what she said.

And now I am watching this odd commercial with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld and I looked away at the wrong moment and I have no idea what it is selling. I’m pretty sure it’s not promoting shoes or cake. But Jerry Seinfeld is looking jowly. Bill Gates is, too, but it isn’t aging him in the same way, probably because he is older already, and never used to play a grown-up boy on TV.

I’ve finally posted what will have to serve as “after” pictures of the room. The reading nook came out particularly cute, and it’s a favorite place for Fella and Filly to sit and read. I don’t mind if you scroll through the long and wordy post just to get to the pictures. The cat’s name is Samwise Gamgee.

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