Room Construction–Day 4

So I skipped a day, but only because it pretty much looked exactly the same from my vantage points, although the texturing was put on the walls and the trim was put around the pocket doors. Also, I was sort of mortified by waking up the neighbor’s baby last night; we’ve had no neighbors for ten months on that side of the house (it’s a shared wall) and fell into the habit of making whatever noises we wanted to at whatever time of night was convenient. Not that we’ve been setting off fireworks indoors at midnight–we have a kid sleeping in the closet, after all–but Fella ends up going to bed on the later side, and Husband was tapping nails down while I was on bath duty. The neighbors called at 8:00 PM (which is the worst possible time for anyone to call our house) so I ignored it, not knowing it was the neighbors. They actually had to come to our house to ring the doorbell to tell us to shut up. Politely. I was almost too embarrassed to talk to them when I saw them today and now I feel like I’ve ruined any chance of us ever being friends. (That’s just a little drama I’m bringing unsolicited to the table. The feeling will likely wear off in time.)

So there’s primer on the walls and baseboards cut and leaning against them. The neighbors both work on Monday and the baby goes to Grandma’s, so I might end up nailing the baseboards to the wall then, unless Husband just gets it done tomorrow sometime. He’s got a lot of walls to paint, though.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 5, 2009: I have finally posted “after” pictures in another blog post.

My stepfather came over today to help with all the cutting and placing and painting, and it’s a relief that so much progress was made. Just having primer up makes the walls look so much better. After being told by Home Depot that blinds would take three or four weeks, and then being told by Lowe’s the exact same thing, I took my entourage to 3-Day Blinds. That was a pretty little showroom, with toys for the kiddies and lots of help, including someone’s idle father or grandfather along for the ride while the women be shopping for window treatments who played with F&F while I talked to the salesperson. I picked myself some beautiful cellular blackout blinds–Christian Lowe: Steamed Oatmeal–that were light-blocking and insulating and would have made a huge difference in the heat and light of this room. The price was $744.

Dude. This is for a kids’ room set-up where they are sharing a window that has a two-by-four board up against it. These are blinds that would look white from the street and that would spend most of their time up and that would have to be thrown out when this quasi-temporary wall gets taken down. I really wasn’t expecting that kind of price tag. I could have dropped it to $627 if I’d gone with the crappy, ugly store brand, and I could have paid for regular shipping if I didn’t want my blinds in three days. So it looks like we’re going to do something with blackout curtains instead. Now I’ll be prepared in the event of a housing market collapse, Rapture, or the Luftwaffe. Theoretically, these curtains could be thrown together in a day after a quick morning stop at Jo-Anne’s, but I don’t really sew stuff that well (just quilts) and I would hate to ask my mother to do it for free, even though she could do it in an hour. I do like going to Jo-Anne’s, however, and she always seems to have a coupon… Stepfather will be leaving tomorrow morning for an extended business trip. Maybe I’ll catch her with some free time. It’s not like the room is even ready to move into yet anyway.

Husband isn’t really that thrilled with the way the handyman finished everything off. He thought it was sloppy and all the different stages of wood and drywall didn’t really show the results to their best effect (he used to work as a painter). One of the pocket doors is causing trouble, too. It’s got these bubbles in the middle of it on each side. It’s on Filly’s room, and I’d assumed that she was having trouble sliding the door because, well, she’s a baby, but it actually sticks. You look at it edge on and there is almost an S profile to this part in the middle, and you can see scuff marks were the bubbles have been hitting the frame. I had to call Mike to tell him to come back, and it about made me throw up. First the neighbors, now this… it’s harshing my buzz about the room. Add to that the fact that I’m pretty sure I’ll be unable to get tiny little pieces of carpet to patch where the old and now busted built-in vanity used to stand in the alcove. I did get a hold of a very nice local carpet warehouse guy, who suggested that we pull some carpet out of a space that doesn’t get a lot of traffic. We’ve got the same texture of carpet in our living room, but a different color, and there’s a big piece of that different color in the garage. I think I’ll pull the patches from the master bedroom closet and fill those holes with the green. I’ll have to track down carpet padding somewhere, but that shouldn’t be too difficult–I still have the original order form from our carpet installation and it’s got the weight on it. I need two pieces 18 inches by 24 inches. INCHES. You wouldn’t think it would be this complicated. I guess I’m going to learn how to look up online how to patch a carpet so I can read the instructions to husband while he does it.

The rest of the day I slaved away folding laundry while watching Project Runway: Season 1 on the computer. I didn’t think I’d ever seen it before season 3, but I know I’ve seen the wedding dress episode, and this swimsuit one that follows. But the characters don’t seem familiar at all. I also watched the finale of Swingtown. I caught all the episodes this summer and thought it was entertaining summer fare. I don’t really care if it comes back. I would totally watch it if it did.

Poor Fella couldn’t sleep in his room with all the pounding, so he finally conked out in the living room in Filly’s pop-up butterfly tent. He slept a long time–I was shocked. I mean, we were in the living room going in and out of the front door to get stuff from a car, messing around getting food and drinks in the kitchen, going up and down the stairs… there was a lot of commotion. Filly got a little bored playing in the bedroom with me, because I didn’t let her climb onto the bed where I was making my piles and she was prevented from joining in the paint fun in the other room. The cats seemed reasonably untraumatized by the goings-on today. We had Thai food for dinner. I love me some Massamun curry with the mock dock. I know I’ve said that before. but it bears repeating.

Massamun curry with mock duck. And Boddingtons. We have eclectic tastes.

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  • Lauren C.  On September 7, 2008 at 8:46 am

    You’re watching Swingtown?! That show DID NOT disappoint!

  • Karen  On September 7, 2008 at 9:16 am

    No, no it did not.

  • Jack  On September 16, 2008 at 11:38 am

    Great way to finish the day…with a Boddingtons

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