Room Construction–Day 2

The room looks really good. I can already imagine the space being used as a giant homework center, or whatever the fuck people are calling desks now.

The ceiling fan is up, and in the smaller space it lights the room better and ventilates better. With the drywall all in place and the gaps patched, it looks very much like a room. In fact, with the new wall flush against the opening to the bathroom entry–instead of this weird misalignment with the wall across the space–it sort of looks bigger. This open playroom space is as large as a regular bedroom, still. That far wall would house an excellent built-in, U-shaped desk with two networked computers and a print station if we had two kids doing homework. I am starting to feel a lot better about getting stuck in this condo forever in case of housing market collapse or Rapture. There is plenty of space in the floor plan–it was just set up so badly. Until we applied our vision, of course.

The alcove now has a ceiling instead of a big gaping hole where a fluorescent light fixture was. Handyman Mike even pre-strung the Romex through the two holes so we don’t have to go fishing for it! That’s probably entry-level handyman fare, but I was very pleased and impressed to see it dangling out of each side AND taped into place so we don’t lose it.

And here’s a picture of the reading nook now (February 5, 2009):

Formerly a Built-In Vanity with Mirror

Formerly a Built-In Vanity with Mirror

And a cuter picture:

A Favorite Nook

A Favorite Nook

Because this back bedroom is greenhouse central, we had to make sure we put air vents in the two new rooms. So we no longer have a vent in the bathroom, but there’s a window. It doesn’t get that cold around here, either. I’m sure we’ll manage. This venting solution looks a little strange, and it’s not quite as smooth as I thought it would be (I was also expecting squares, not circles), but when we paint the bathroom it should be disguised enough. We could be funny if we wanted and paint it some crazy color, too. Either way, it’s in the bathroom that anyone not in the family is the least likely to use. And we need HVAC in those rooms a lot more than we need design.

So the vent reappears inside of Filly’s room and travels across to Fella’s room.

A person cleverer than me could make some kind of cute robot or garden path out of it. I think I’ll be happy painting them “Gobi Desert” (by Behr). (Am I the only one who thinks “Little Women” whenever I see that line of paint?)

The first drama is that Home Depot tells me that there is a three-week backorder on all shades. Forget it. I’ll be going to 3-Day Blinds instead. We need blinds. The non-drama is that I’ve made some decisions about what to do with the closet bars and shelves in the office space, which will create a lot of work but will look really good. So long as I keep one bar up, I can legally call it a closet, so I’ll keep it up in the alcove that hides behind the open door, where I’ll be installing those wire shelving modular things. I’ll be moving the rest of the shelves up a foot or two; there’s already a support board in place all the way around the room. The office is getting painted, too!

I still haven’t listed that damn furniture on Craig’s List yet. Later… later… I gotta find the white computer memory stick first.

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