An Unexpected Development

Now, Fella has known for a while that we were going to have a potty party, but when asked if he wants to use the potty he has always answered, “Not right now.” Suddenly, after talking to his little friend on the phone (which went a hundred times better than I thought it would–a two-year-old and a three-year-old were actually discussing trains without face-to-face contact), and after I hung up with Little Friend’s mother (because Little Friend had to use the potty), I mentioned that Little Friend wasn’t wearing diapers anymore.

Little Fella started talking about his in-the-future potty party, and listed all the fun things we were going to do at it. One of those fun things is bust out some Play-Doh gadget and new colors of Play-Doh that he’s seen around the house at least since May. And this time, when I asked him if he wanted to start the potty party, well, he said yes!

He’s in underwear right now, drinking Kool-Aid and modeling cars out of Play-Doh. I have none of the salty and sweet snacks I’d intended to have on hand, but so far so good…

Not exactly what I’d planned to do even one hour ago, but I really don’t mind. I didn’t really want to do those other things anyway.

Husband has been asked to bring home reinforcements, like cookies and chocolate-covered pretzels. I’m thinking I need to add ramen to that list. I like the idea of salty but I don’t want him to throw up. It’s a shame that crap is being brought into the house on my renewed day of dieting success, but it’s in a good cause again. Wish us luck!

One Day Later
We wore underpants right from the start. There were no accidents at all, and he used the potty before his nap. He wore special paper underpants (pull-up diapers) for his nap and they were wet when we got him after he woke up. No accidents all afternoon, or evening! But not that many urination sessions, either.

A walk through our condo complex ended up inside the pool area where someone’s grandkids were playing. We were in regular clothes, so all we intended to do was dip our feet in the stairs at the shallow end. It turned into no one wearing pants, to Fella in underwear and Filly in a diaper. Both of them ended up getting wet to the neck. Fella asked to use the pool potty, and he said he didn’t go in his underwear (and I didn’t see any suspicious clouds in the water), and he didn’t wear wet underwear as we walked home, and his shorts weren’t wet. I am positive that nothing happened.

I was going to put him in a regular diaper for bed, but he asked specifically for the paper underpants. They do have a picture of a monster truck on the front; it could be the main allure. Or else he could be done with diapers! One day into it is too soon to make assertions, but I am confident. And curious what exactly the morning will bring. Those pull-up training diapers do not hold that much, and he is a night-time soaker. It’s all the water he drinks at night, you see…

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