Oh Dear. A Setback Is upon Us.

3.6 pounds is worse than I thought it would be. It’s my first setback since starting Weight Watchers and it is a doozy. Fortunately, I have a long list of things to blame other than myself, most of which revolve around Robot Cake:

Thursday Last
Robot Cake is due Saturday, so I have to bake it on Thursday. Unfortunately, Thursday night is podcast night, and this time I was in the kitchen–in earshot. One wears one’s iPod when one can, but one is paranoid about blasting sound into one’s ears, one keeps the volume low enough to hear ambient sounds, too. And then one ends up drinking to compensate. Licking the mixer blades and scraping the bowl isn’t that big of a deal, because one entire cupcake is only two points and there’s no way you’d get a cupcake’s worth of leavings (even if you did make three cakes’ worth).

A trip to the beach! The morning was fine and I had a hardboiled egg and granola bar (5 points) and didn’t snack the whole time we were there. But once we got home I had some serious frosting to do–and I was hungry. The first run of frosting was depressing. What’s my answer to depressing frosting? Invite a friend over for gossip and a drink! And ravioli/garlic bread dinners from Filippi’s Pizza Grotto while you prepare another batch of icing. Of course, later, when you’ve redone the frosting and decorated the cake and it looks adorable, you get to celebrate. With frosting!

Well, it’s party day! I didn’t eat breakfast because we were trying to rush everyone out the door to go see Wall*E, and then we came home and prepped for the party. This is the point in the week when the diet really went awry:

1. Taco shop lunch
2. Homemade guacamole
3. Fresh green salsa
4. Two kinds of tortilla chips
5. Alcohol
6. Cake
7. Ice Cream
8. M&Ms
9. Clean-Up (which involved eating scraps and remainders)

Dinner, at least, wasn’t required.

The trip to the children’s museum (Think! Play! Create!) was without adverse events, but it was followed immediately by big ole deli sandwiches. I only ate half of mine (I gave the other half to Fella) but it included cheese, avocado, and bacon. We went out to eat later. Sushi was good, and certainly a Rainbow Roll is quite responsible, but we had to try a few different items before we found something Little Filly would eat (steamed vegetables and gyoza), so there were left over things for me to snack on.

Fella may not have a great appetite, but he’s got a good palate. He polished off inari, tamago, a special California Roll, a few bites of that seaweed salad, a gyoza dumpling, and some ginger. I am so proud of him!

I’d pretty much given up on the diet. I couldn’t even tell you what I ate that day, but it included whatever cake was left and some chips. One point in my favor is that I made a great salad for dinner: spinach, chicken, tomatoes, strawberries, raisins, walnuts, feta cheese, and Goddess Dressing (on the side). I was going to have fresh tomatoes from the garden, but Fella had picked the four ripe tomatoes I’d been eyeing and cooked and ate them in his playhouse with his new little pots and pans set. We had the leftover, kinda wrinkly grape tomatoes that were left over instead.

Mini-Product Round-Up
Annie’s Goddess Dressing is possibly one of the best salad dressings I have ever tasted. I also love her artichoke one.

McCormick Produce Partners Great Guacamole! is a seasoning packet you mix with two avocados and it makes… wait for it… great guacamole. It’s the easiest thing ever. They have spicy and mild. I usually get mild, because the spicy is pretty spicy. Mixing the two packets with four avocados keeps it pretty spicy, too.

I’ve always seen them on a rotating rack in the produce department, but you might find them in the spice aisle, too. Totally worth it.

Yeah, problems along the lines of the rest of the chips and salsa, and trip to deliver the car to the repair shop, which required a trip to a restaurant after. We ended up at Antique Row Cafe, a 1950s diner place, and, well, I had the French Dip. I ate the whole thing (with extra dip and a couple of fries from Fella’s plate) but at least I got the applesauce to supplement Filly’s dinner. Not really a compensation, but not really salt in any wounds, either. It was maybe this day that I did eat some vegetable soup, but it could have been Monday. I don’t remember.

By the time yesterday started, I had given up all pretense. I polished off the second bag of chips so I could throw them away, but I ate a lot of frosting from a spoon. (I was doing work for money! I earned it!) Going to pick the car up required another trip to another restaurant–another Italian restaurant–this time for pizza. And a beer. It was, however, a fantastic pizza. Really. Fresh basil, fresh garlic, sliced tomatoes, two kinds of cheeses, and sausage. I had probably a third of it. And another beer while watching Project Runway, because they play for such high stakes I need to relax.

And here I am, another Thursday, with a new weight, a blank page, and all my goofiness in the past.

Lessons that Have Been Reinforced
1. I can’t tally points in my head. When I don’t write things down, bad things happen. This has been evidenced in prior weeks, but I was riding my lucky streak.
2. Don’t start partying on the first day of a diet. If that day is Thursday or Friday, too bad. Suck it up, or move the weigh date. (I might do that). When you blow all your points in the first few days, you have to be disciplined for the rest of the week. Somehow, it’s a lot easier to be disciplined to save up points for a party later in the week. When I was going to Weight Watcher meetings, it was on Monday nights, so I’d start fresh Tuesdays. I think I might jumpstart next week to reflect that. Besides, if you decide to blow off the rest of the week because you’ve been naughty, you end up losing only two days instead of five.
3. My appetite has changed already. Even as I was eating all this crap, I was feeling quite sick to my stomach later. I had more than one episode where I really felt awful and couldn’t predict where it would end up. It ended up in me feeling awful–nothing more dramatic–but I hated it. Despite all my shenanigans, I am pleased that my body reacts to ickiness with ickiness. This is a fundamental change.
4. Doubling up on a really good salad dressing and blowing the extra points is a lot more satisfying than eating frosting from a spoon.

Of course, I’m going out to a restaurant for lunch today with my friend who I haven’t seen all summer. To a fast food restaurant. A fast food MEXICAN restaurant. But I do love me some Rubio’s Carnitas Street Tacos and three of those puppies is only eight points! That’s not a terrible lunch, and it’s not terrible food. Plus free refills on Diet Coke! I think it’ll all turn out OK.

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  • Lissa  On August 20, 2008 at 8:43 am

    It’s ok, we all have slip ups, the important thing is to pick yourself up, get back on the wagon and start over. Don’t wait until you week is up, do it today. Otherwise you’ll just feel more guilty the longer you go. You can do it!

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