Meta-Blog, Or, My Greatest Hits

Thanks to all you skeevy pervs, I am still the first Google hit for “lesbian nun sex” and the number of visits to the lesbian nun sex pages far exceed the other pages combined. Or else you are all skeevy pervs who really, really like that chili recipe on the same page–chili, I must say, that was very, very good. (The two cans of tomato paste were key.)

Although I still haven’t read that Lesbian Nuns book I promised to read–Lesbian Nuns: Breaking Silence–I still intend to. In the meantime, perhaps you will enjoy perusing these websites that I found:

Definitely Not
Safe for Work

Alternately, you could read a nice human interest story about Anna Nolan, a former nun who was on Big Brother in May. Did I say on Big Brother? I meant she was a favorite. And as much as I hate to use her name and image to justify the use of my tags for this blog entry, it was revealed in a boozy truth-and-lies game that she is a lesbian. She’s also definitely had sex.

So there’s your lesbian, your nun, and your sex.

A Run for Its Money
Surprisingly, I’m getting a lot of hits on my page for the book The Baby Bust: Who Will Do the Work? Who Will Pay the Taxes? This is great, because I thought it was a very interesting book, but weird, because it doesn’t seem to generally be read. It’s expensive for its size, it’s academic, and–most telling–there are no reviews on Amazon.

So I’m curious. I’m positive that, it being mid-August, some college professor has put it on a syllabus. The trick is to find out which one. My first Google search brings me to a course at Penn State taught by Professor Kathryn Hynes, HDFS 597B – US Social Policy in International Comparison: Demographic Changes and Social Choices; it was the subject of the February 9, 2007 class. Although a glance through the syllabus indicates it was probably very interesting. (A PDF of the reading selection, Low Fertility in Europe by Kohler, Billari, and Ortega, can be found here.)

Fascinating, I’m sure, but these students have long sold their book back to The Man. The book also showed up on a 2006 syllabus from the University of Pennsylvania for a course taught by Hans-Peter Kohler, the lead author of the article included in Professor Hynes’s class.

It appears as a reference in a presentation at the May 2008 Sociology and Interdisciplinarity Conference: Central and South European Perspectives in Croatia, but that still seems a little late. It’s buried as a reference in the 2008 Cohabitation, Marriage, and Child Wellbeing publication from the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University. But the latest date I can find for possible interest this book is that it is a new acquisition at the Quinsigamond Community College George I. Alden Library. Maybe there’s a really curious librarian (or volunteer). Needless to say, I feel pretty damn smart for having read this book myself.

I’d love it if the next person to specifically search for this book and find it here left a comment explaining the purpose of the search.

On the Olympics
Husband is watching world record after world record get set and surpassed in swimming event after swimming event these past twenty minutes. He is questioning the length of the pool. It does seem sort of sucky to break a world record and still only come home with a silver medal.

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