2.4 Pounds–It’s Like I Sold My Soul

Nothing like a little vanity boost to brighten my day! For all my rending of the clothes and tearing at the hair this week, I pulled off another calorie coup. I have lost… let’s count ’em… ten pounds in four weeks. Seriously. This exceeds expectations–and it’s making me greedy. After a run like this, I’ll be irritated if I fall back to the one-pound-a-week rate.

I’ve been (sort of) beating myself up (I’m exaggerating a little) over the events of last Friday. I was estimating points for the onion rings and the margarita, and it’s possible that I did have extra points for the week I wasn’t counting, so when I ate candy and then dinner too maybe they fit within the Flex Points limits. I haven’t bothered wearing my pedometer (battery died and it’s a fancy little one that I just haven’t taken us all to the drug store for), so maybe I am earning far more movement points back than I realize. Meanwhile, I have reconsidered everything I thought I knew about portion control and I am cutting back even more. I’ve discovered that having a ten-point meal makes me a little sick. So as much as I love rice (4 points a cup), I’m shaving off two points a serving by going to half a cup. If I may be prim, those two points add up to a lot over the course of a day. I like my seven-point chili (yeah, we’re still eating that) enough to have the full amount, but if I cut back on the rice I also get cheese! Yay!

So I put my favorite breakfast to the test. I am indulging because I have rice left over from dinner last night, but I had half a cup of rice with a hard-boiled egg and butter with soy sauce (6 points). As usual, I felt hungry as I finished the meal, but as usual–and as they tell you–I do get less hungry as time passes and within half an hour I feel rather full. It was just as tasty, so it will be interesting to see if I am hungry for lunch sooner.

I can’t see any change in my shape. The differences I’m noting are that your appetite really does get smaller if you let it, and that being hungry really isn’t that bad. You’re just hungry. I’ve been going to bed hungry many nights in a row now, and it’s OK. I don’t have nightmares. I ate a full dinner. I don’t have a headache. And if I wasn’t up so damn late, I wouldn’t notice it at all. I’ve learned this week that I really don’t want candy unless it has chocolate, and that I’d really rather have baked goods than candy. (Is that good or bad? Baked goods seem marginally better for you, but you eat more at once.) Those Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches aren’t too bad, either. And with the exception of the Double Chocolate Sweet Shot at Chili’s, splitting one of those little shotglasses of dessert is only two or three points–and they are GOOD.

But so help me, I will not cut out butter. It is food for the gods!

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  • Lauren C.  On August 9, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Ten pounds?! That’s amazing. Great work, Karen!

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