4-Alarm Chili and Lesbian Nun Sex

I admit it. I am a blog stats whore now, and check many times daily to see who’s been reading my blog. By far the most hits come from the tag search “lesbian nun sex,” which makes me wonder just what kind of skeevy pervs are out there. So does a skeevy perv have a lesbian nun interest and go searching to see what people are writing about? Does a regular perv perform a search on “lesbian” and/or “sex” and nuns show up in the mix? Or does a regular person search on “nun,” and then “lesbian” and “sex” pop up, and curiosity takes care of the rest? And I wonder, too, just how disappointed people are that the post is just about my reaction to a book, World Without End, in which some nuns–one of whom pretty clearly identifies as lesbian–have sex. Do they go look up the book? Are they sad that it’s just about stone masons and intrigue? There is plenty of lesbian nun sex in the second half of the book; I wonder if they make it that far. I wonder if it inspires them to read more about the English middle ages.

Or maybe they just relax later with a beer.

Regarding chili. Even though I still have four more servings of that chicken left, I just hate the idea of eating any of it now. Husband is quite good about eating meat for breakfast, but he packs cold lunches and because of Weight Watchers I’m just not able to plan on 14-point meals every day to consume it myself. It has probably reached the stage where it should just be thrown out. Such a shame. I am really angry that I didn’t freeze some before breading it but I was on a roll. And that’s that. And I am probably making the same mistake today by making chili with two pounds of ground beef that I can’t imagine consuming that much of. It’s probably 8 points a cup (I am going off the average points estimate from the back of the Week 1 booklet) and of course one must have it with rice or cheese. So we’re looking at 11- or 12-point meals here. Still, chili is a very good food, and it’s not going to be dried up in the microwave or rubberized by age. I can imagine that it will seem far more appetizing three days from now.

I decided to make it in the Crock Pot because we have one that I almost never use and it is easy to walk away from. I adapted some recipe that apparently was featured on the Good Morning, America program a few years ago. What’s weird about it is that it calls for turkey in the ingredient list but describes beef in the instruction. My impression is that they adapted a recipe so they could cut calories, which are listed at the bottom, but it’s impossible to do more than guess.

I used beef instead of turkey, and I didn’t have a green pepper. I thought of using celery but there’s none in the house, it turns out (and I’m not sure why). Instead of the cayenne pepper, I chopped up four Anaheim peppers that I picked from my garden (a plant I will never grow again, but why not take advantage this year?). I also had these two terribly stunted poblano chilis that ripened without growing large, that I threw in, too. I’m pretty sure they could affect the flavor in no way. I always add extra garlic and cumin. I decided at the end to put in two small cans (12 ounces total) of tomato paste and I think it was worth it. I had to add extra liquid to compensate, though, so I opened a can of black beans (14.5 ounces) and used the liquid from that. I hadn’t decided on adding beans–the recipe even says they are optional–but I probably will use these from this opened can. I had some chopped olive remnants in the refrigerator that I threw in, too.

It smells wonderful. Our house always collects food smells in the stairwell, and today that is a good thing. I’ve been going up and down the steps all afternoon bringing Husband tools to remove a light and mess with switches and my mouth is watering. The taste test suggests that I put too many peppers in (even though I left the cayenne pepper out of the recipe) and I’m not sure I can feed it to the kids. It’s probably for the best–Filly is not super-skilled at spoonwork and probably would have made a mess anyway.

The thing about the slow cooker, though… whatever idiot in the marketing department said that an advantage to using a slow cooker is that it won’t heat up your house like the stove was lying. This thing radiates heat from at least two feet away. I can’t ever tell the difference between high and low settings and times seem to be approximate. This batch of chili has been bubbling for a good hour now, even though I wasn’t expecting it to be done until 7:00 PM. (Which is a good thing. I actually considered scrapping the plan when it was noon and I was still chopping onions.) I decided to use one of those slow-cooker bag liners, which prevents you from having to clean the Crock Pot later. Despite their express purpose of lining the pot, I was nervous about it melting and wrecking the food, but it’s holding up well. I’ve got two or three more to use, and will, but I can’t get excited about it. The Crock Pot center is removable so pretty easy to clean, and I don’t relish the idea of trying to scoop hot chili out of a plastic bag.

Another thing about the Crock Pot that I don’t particularly love, or at least this recipe, is that I still had to use a pan to brown the beef in the first place. That means another item to wash. It’s already washed, but it’s a big old deep skillet and it takes up a ton of space on the drying rack. I learned from the recipe, however, that some slow cookers have an interior that you can use directly on the stove. I am intrigued by the idea, but not enough to covet it, I don’t think. Maybe one day I’ll be in the small appliance aisle of a lower-end department store and see one and marvel at it.

I wish I had some cornbread. What small amount of white rice I have will have to do. I wonder if I can get away with not cooking a vegetable. Probably not. That’s really too lazy even for me–I’ve got a good seven vegetable mixes in the freezer and it’s a three-minute steam process. But think of the pan! The pan!

Other Things on My Mind
Mad Men, Season 2–Episode 1
I watched, finally, the season premiere again. I still don’t understand what weird relationship–business or personal–is supposed to be portrayed between Young Hot Shot and Sweater Friend, but I am pretty sure that Salvatore is married. I may have caught a glimpse of a ring from across Don’s office while they were debating whether or not to start lunch. I also figured out–yeah, I can be dense–why Joan put the copier in Peggy’s office: Joan is pissed that Peggy is lecturing the secretaries about their job performance. It’s not Peggy’s place to work with the men and be in charge of the women, too. I know that Peggy is maybe protective of Don Draper, out of a lingering sense of territory combined with gratitude or appreciation for giving her the chance to write (and the encouragement to improve), and I don’t think Peggy was really trying to interfere with Joan’s sphere. Joan maybe is getting antsy with her job. She seemed to me to like it fine two years ago, but how long can someone be expected to spin their wheels at the top with nowhere else to go?

I also didn’t notice all the lying that Betty was doing. Not like lying to her husband about chatting with ballet moms instead of talking about the car repair–lying to Francine about how much sex she and Don had at the Savoy and lying to Francine about how she spotted Juanita as a call girl even though Don is the one who pointed it out to her. Why is Betty putting on such dramatic airs to Francine? I never really got that vibe in their friendship last season, but if she is trying to alienate her I think it’s going to work. I suppose it could be remembering how glamorous it was to be a model in Manhattan, and how beautiful she and her friends were–memories triggered by meeting Juanita–and trying to recapture some of that. But for all of Francine’s brashness, she seems to be genuine with Betty. She comes to her instantly after the Helen Bishop Grocery Store Kerfuffle, she gets excited by Betty’s dresses from the Italian designer, she discusses being knocked around a little by her husband, she seeks Betty out for solace and advice when she discovers her husband’s affair. I think I’d like to see Betty and her have some conflict about living in the here and now, or being nice, or what craziness this this, or something. I don’t expect that I’ll get it.

Vellum by Hal Duncan
It’s definitely more of a story, and the second half is much, much better than the first, as far as interesting plot and character development and trackability. I have about ten percent left of the book.

Binge Eating and Aftermath
Ugh. Yesterday I blew 21 flex points, which leaves me very little room for tomfoolery this week. I ate at Rubio’s pretty responsibly, but then my friend and I got to talking and there was traffic and we got home and drank two beers each. And THEN we went out to eat at Island’s Burgers, and I had a margarita. And onion rings. And fries. And the small soup has 430 calories in it. And I felt thoroughly sick, and sort of depressed and now there is all kinds of discipline I am going to have to enact upon myself and I am annoyed. Of course, I skipped breakfast without meaning to, so I lived it up with a quesadilla just so I could enjoy some fresh green salsa I’d been coveting. My cup of chili and cup of rice will come to the exact number of points for the day, so those twelve points can carry over. I may need them. I may not be hungry tonight later anyway.

Eyeglasses Day
See, I had my contacts on, but while I was making the chili or cleaning it up, I got some cumin in my eye, and perhaps some capsaicin from chopping the peppers. I also vaguely had a minor chemical burn on my fingers all day, that made washing dishes with hot water a bitch. It has worn off by now.

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  • Madge  On August 3, 2008 at 5:52 am


    It’s just me, checking out your lesbian nun sex link. Not a perv, this time. I enjoyed reading about your Weight Watchers point dilemm, which, for me, would be a daily dilemma.

    Jennifer aka Madge

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