1.2 Pounds Less, but the Honeymoon Is Over

Yeah, I knew these crazy days of losing three pounds a week were not going to last, but I was hoping I’d get another outrageously successful week that bumped me into the next decade of numbers before I went to the 1 pound a week loss regimen. Alas, I did not. Still… any week I lose more than a pound is awesome, and any week I lose something is great. I’ve been flipping through all my old Weight Watchers food tracking booklets this morning and they bring back the memories of how exciting it is to get skinny even in small increments. Plus I have two separate websites that I can boast about my successes each week; at one of them I even get warm and enthusiastic encouragement. And the people at the other one haven’t kicked me off yet! (The fact that three yahoos have smited me and given me negative 3 karma is another story altogether. Maybe it was one yahoo smiting me three times. Who can tell? Popularity, like weighing yourself every day, is a fickle mistress.)

What I’d wanted to be a quick trip to the grocery store this morning mostly was. They were resurfacing the parking lot, so we had to park along the side of the building by the delivery bays. That added some time, because there were trucks there that needed to be looked at and discussed. We needed milk and Diet Coke, but then I remembered that I was sort of planning on making chili, which often requires tomato paste, so we went down the canned vegetable aisle. They had specialty chili seasoning packs which I perused, and though I decided against them I thought about grabbing a couple of cans of tomato sauce just in case. While I was browsing, Fella started messing with a display of hanging utensils that I didn’t recognize, but they seemed to be potato mashers or something. A few fell to the floor.

I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, because I’d been trying to hustle us all out the door but I kept getting interrupted (phone calls, photo ops, email checking), so of course all the sweets and snacks were irresistible. I totally wanted

but because my appetite is adapting to the diet, I knew that even one would make me feel a little sick and I’d have to skip lunch for the pleasure, plus my willpower is still next to nothing and I would end up eating more than two. The candy is in the cookie aisle, so I picked up a package of

but those weren’t really what I was craving. I scanned the sour gummy stuff but I knew that wasn’t anything close. I am a very big fan of

but the package was so small it just didn’t seem worth it. Plus, I was now very far away from the chocolate chunk inspiration. At the end of the aisle was the milk we’d come shopping for, and in the refrigerated case I found

and got them.

These little tubs of pudding are one point each, if I am remembering their nutrition information correctly (the packaging did not make it out of the store). Even better, all the browsing and handling of candy has sort of made me feel a little sick, as if I’d actually eaten candy for breakfast. I don’t even want the fucking things now. But there they are, chilling out. Fella will probably ask for them later, so we’ll each get one for dessert. They are expensive little buggers, though! It’s much, much cheaper to buy the package of instant pudding mix and it’s hardly less mess. I wasn’t thinking clearly when I was shopping, obviously. My biggest fear is that the sugar-freeness will taste weird. It can. I don’t have a blanket hatred of artificial sweetener and the sugar-free instant pudding mix always tastes OK. Of course, you make that with real milk. Who knows what kind of chemistry goes into this 60-cent tub of delicious?

When we finally got to the checkout line, it was discovered that one of Fella’s toys was missing. Sure enough, it was in the vegetable aisle beneath that display of utensils he’d knocked around. I felt bad the minute I realized that some grocery store employee had cleaned up the mess I hadn’t even noticed I’d made (in my haste to leave the aisle), yet left the toy in an obvious place for me to spot it. There are huge benefits to shopping at fancy-dancy stores. Yes, there are.

Thanks, Keil’s! Again and again you are nice to us.

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