A Simple Girl with an Evil Blog–Less 3.2 Pounds

So it’s Weigh-In Day! 3.2 pounds… not bad at all for the second week of a diet. So not bad at all that it’s making me suspicious of my scale. Although I am securely ensconced in the smaller pair of jeans (the bluer ones, sadly, that look weird), I don’t look different in the mirror. I also ate a lot of ice cream and drank more alcohol this week than I should have, so I cannot explain the large loss. Perhaps it’s a fluke. Perhaps my glasses weigh a lot–the eye goop cleared up on its own and I am wearing contacts today. Perhaps two weeks do not make a pattern and it is perhaps premature to jump to the conclusion that I have an illness.

(Perhaps after the episode yesterday in which Fella and Filly removed all the keys from the old computer that still has online access and Word I should have learned not to leave the computer alone with Fella. Fortunately, I stopped him this morning before he had time to disassemble more than the third road of letters. Maybe one day I’ll memorize their order.)

So it’s very exciting to be in smaller jeans! It’s been months where the better pair–the indigo ones with the straighter leg–was too loose and the smaller pair too tight. Now I can put the bigger ones away! It’s still disappointing that the denim skirt I bought without trying on a long time ago at Ross because it was $10 and because it said it was the right size. I don’t normally shop without trying on clothes, and I have a terrible trying-on to fit rate, but getting me and my entourage into the dressing room was going to be impossible that day, especially now that you can’t bring the shopping cart into the changing rooms anymore. I have a feeling, though, that this will be one of those items of clothing that will never fit properly no matter what size I am. That’s often why clothes end up at Ross in the first place.

I haven’t yet taken the bold step of trying on the even smaller jeans that stirred up so much trouble in the spring of Aught-Six. I was on the verge–the verge, I say!–of even those being too big when Weight Watchers made me quit. If I can even pull them up over my legs I’ll want to wear them sooner than I should. I will content myself with jazzing up the too-blue jeans with fancy sandals. I have some good ones.

Although it’s a moot point for now, the question does remains: Does one look more ridiculous in jeans that are obviously too big or in jeans that are obviously too small?

Odds and Ends

  1. Thanks to my 19 readers yesterday for helping this blog hit an all-time readership high! Hugs and air-kisses all around.
  2. An earthquake in Japan injured dozens. Dozens, I say! At risk of seeming cocky, or dull and obvious, there are serious benefits to living in first world countries. Some trains suspended service and a refrigerator moved 30 centimeters. Centimeters, I say!
  3. The book Vellum is about–wait for it–a book. The word “fucking” is the twenty-first word of the story, and by page two it seems to be about some kind of important book that is more important to the world’s safety than any other document, being looked at by a librarian. There’s probably a conspiracy theory, too. Plus fire is being foreshadowed.
  4. Barney is like Sondheim compared to Teletubbies.
  5. It feels like cheating to just use the formatting shortcuts instead of the html codes, but despite my best efforts I could not figure out how to make a numbered list. Duh. There’s a tab that spares me the hassle. Maybe with fancy new formatting strategies I’ll increase my readership to 25. 25, I say!
  6. I plan on folding lots of laundry today. I had this crazy idea I’d go to the gym but now I am not so sure. Filly hates it, plus tomorrow is the water games thing. Maybe I’ll go by myself later tonight during Husband’s Podcast. He’ll be hogging the good computer and talking loud anyway. All I’d do is stay holed up in the bedroom with the door shut and try not to listen. Last week it went very badly and I ate that quesadilla and got a little drunk.

Although I do have a fresh green salsa in the house tonight… that I didn’t even have to make myself. Big hug.

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