Now with Ham Flavor!

Last night I got to go to the grocery store without my entourage and boy did I have fun there! I came home with many items, and my Fresh Perks! card got me a $60 discount. The last thing I did last night was put some beans in a pot to soak. How old school! Even better was that I remembered they were soaking and rinsed them before they got all moldy.

Tonight we are enjoying Hurst’s HamBeen 15-Bean Soup, with Ham Flavor. It’s pretty darn good. I added Hillshire Farms Turkey Smoked Sausage because it was cheaper than ham for a pound. I’ve had the Hillshire Farms Turkey Kielbasa and it’s good. I don’t think the smoked sausage is as tasty. I’m comparing turkey to turkey here–the beef flavors are all tasty, except that I haven’t tried their spicy something.

So in this pot of soaked beans goes an onion, a can of diced tomatoes (with liquid), the juice of one lemon, some chili powder and some garlic. It was awfully mushy, even with the extra liquid, so it’s either supposed to be stew or I don’t know how to simmer uncovered. I added some chicken broth and it made it the right consistency. I added oregano but I can’t really taste it, and it did not require any salt at all.

It was good before the Ham Flavor, but I flavored it anyway. I honestly can’t taste the difference. Not a bad quick, easy meal. A strange meal for July, perhaps, but it’s been a cool July. I am wondering about the wisdom of serving Husband a high-fiber meal, though. I also would like to quibble a little about the label “15 beans,” too. There are certainly fifteen different things in there, but one of them is peas (not a bean). I’m just sayin’.

I’m also saying that the Turkey Smoked Sausage I didn’t really like. I wish I’d put out for good sausage. It would be less squishy.

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