Dodged a Bullet

So the big AM weigh-in shocked me again–I am still on track with weight loss! Yay! In fact, I am not even despairing that I’ll never hit five pounds in two weeks! Yes, it will be annoying that I have no Flex Points left for today and tomorrow, but I’ll cope. I’m feeling pretty good with my cobbled-together breakfast of white rice (leftover) and butter (salted) for 5 points because I had a fancy salt assortment to spice it up, and because I always like some white rice with butter. Hooray for Chef Paul’s Island Stylin’ 6-Pepper Salt (TM) with Garlic, Ginger, & Chives! (Hooray too for the label designer who put a hyphen in the right place–no unsung hero that one.)

Fancy salts seem to be the souvenir of choice when my mother goes anywhere. This was a pretty good one. The San Antonio salt/pepper set was not without its stellar moments, either, though.

Also good? I have started laundry much earlier in the day than yesterday and the bed is already made. The breakfast dishes are corralled in the rinsed half of the sink (although not actually in the dishwasher), we have toothpaste in the house, and I’ll have good underwear to wear today! I only have four good pairs and they were all dirty. I should buy more but, you know, nice things cost money and I might as well wait until I can get a smaller size. I would have had five pairs–one in each color–but I bought the wrong style by accident and when I returned it they were no longer on sale so I just cashed it in. All this by 11:15 AM! I am a superstar.

Detracting from my superstardom, although not undermining it, is the fact that I have eye goop that had turned the corner of one eye bright red, requiring me to wear glasses today and not contacts. The glasses are not a bad thing–they would make me look exactly like Tina Fey if I had a better haircut and nicer clothes–but they do require the glasses/sunglasses swap-out and they do not heal eye goop. I am also wasting valuable shower time by blogging. Considering I didn’t take a shower yesterday because the door refinishing guy surprised me, this is quite irresponsible. I am fifty minutes into naptime already. Also imminent is the fact that I am about to get feedback on a work project I turned in, which means playtime is over. It’s been a nice few weeks working for money while not actually having to work, but the more time they take the less time I have for part two, in theory. I usually end up pushing deadlines and so far they haven’t cared. They’re busy with other projects and I’m not that late, and I’ve been fortunate that everything I turn in gets approved on the first try. Finally, the smell of yogurt lingers. Not my favorite smell but it is a favorite breakfast for Fella and Filly and Filly got it everywhere. The memory of the smell is enough to turn my stomach.

All in all, not a bad morning. Lunchtime will be another matter entirely. I have no idea what I am going to feed those kids. We still haven’t gone to the grocery store.

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  • M.Morgan  On July 25, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    putting a 5lb goal in 2 weeks could be demanding and take you off your course!

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